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Drinking water and heating installation with one system

Drinking water is a foodstuff

we want to preserve its quality

Conventional materials, connector materials and connection methods cannot be used for drinking water installations in many areas and regions because of the constantly changing water quality. Various factors such as pH values in drinking water that are too high or too low, free carbonic acid, chlorides, etc. lead to corrosion problems in conventional drinking water systems and subsequently to additional loads on the drinking water.

Conventional installation systems and materials can no longer withstand the conditions. The Roth drinking water system offers the solution against incrustations, deposits and corrosion. Designed as a universal, complete system for all installation variants in modern building technology, it combines many advantages.

All system components have been developed with practical applications in mind and are optimally matched to each other. The Roth drinking water system is characterised by the best materials, quality-monitored production and DVGW system certification.

All system components of the Roth drinking water system meet the requirements of the amended Drinking Water Ordinance and DIN 50930-6. The Roth drinking water system can be used without hesitation for all drinking water qualities.

lead-free, hygienic, safe

All metallic Roth fittings now lead-free

With the entry into force of the new EU Drinking Water Directive in January 2021, the minimum requirements for materials in drinking water systems have become even stricter. For example, the limit value for lead is now five micrograms per litre - previously the value was ten micrograms per litre. The national implementation of the requirements from the new EU Drinking Water Directive must take place within two years. Roth is reacting to the new situation at an early stage and will be offering a completely lead-free range of fittings for drinking water installations as early as 2022. All components of the system stand for hygiene and high safety.

Field-proven Roth drinking water installation system receives a further upgrade

In addition to the already lead-free plastic fittings made of PPSU (polyphenylsulphone), Roth now supplies all metallic fittings in a lead-free alloy. This complies with the current UBA assessment principles as of May 2020 for metallic materials and offers excellent mechanical and corrosion properties. The tried-and-tested Roth drinking water installation system is further upgraded by the change of material and thus already meets the highest requirements for safety, functionality and future hygiene demands.

  • lead-free
  • universally applicable
  • simple, convenient assembly
  • safe connections
  • wide range of variants
  • complete assortment

Installation convenience and safety in the system network

The Roth pipe installation programme with PressCheck function offers system solutions up to dimension 63 mm. It consists of the Roth Alu-Laserplus multilayer composite pipe and Roth plastic fittings. At the threaded connection and transition points, the Roth pipe installation programme is supplemented by the lead-free Roth metal fittings. The Roth radial press connection technology is used to connect the pipe and fitting.
The Roth pipe installation programme thus ensures secure, non-detachable, positive and non-positive connections in drinking water and heating installations. The innovative system components offer added installation convenience and safety.

Roth also provides extensive warranty services in the system network. System tests in accordance with DVGW worksheet W534 and DIN EN ISO 21003 prove the system's performance.

Complete range from the house connection to the tapping point

The Roth drinking water installation system can be used without hesitation for all drinking water qualities according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance. The extensive product range allows any installation from the house connection to the riser to the tapping point.

Variety of Roth T-pieces

Roth Werke offers a unique product depth with its range of fittings. Diverse dimensional gradations of the T-pieces enable fast, cost-effective and space-saving installation, regardless of the individual installation situation, without having to resort to additional reducers or other fittings.


Roth radial press connection technology - one system for all applications

With the Roth radial press connection technology, you can create permanently secure connections between Roth Alu-Laserplus system pipes and Roth fittings in a matter of seconds. By simply exchanging press jaws or press loops on the Roth battery-powered press tool and on the Roth electric press tool, the various dimensions of Roth Alu-Laserplus system pipes can be processed with Roth fitting components.

Roth HygieneXtra for perfect drinking water

Drinking water installations must meet the high requirements for drinking water hygiene. The Roth pipe installation system with its components offers solutions that meet the Roth HygieneXtra requirements. All products in our system are DVGW-approved and optimally matched to each other.

To protect the consumer, the material must not pose a health hazard. In addition to the high-performance plastic PPSU, the copper alloys used for the Roth metal fitting are ideal for use in drinking water installations. High-quality dezincification-resistant brass is used, in accordance with all applicable standards and generally recognised rules of technology.

Roth thermal decouplers - Roth HygieneXtra for perfect drinking water

Within the Roth drinking water system, the Roth thermal decoupler represents another important component for compliance with the normative requirements and hygienic safety.

Roth system pipes - successfully passed fire tests according to DIN EN 13501

In cooperation with Rockwool from Gladbeck, successful fire tests were carried out for our product systems. They are based on the new European classification system DIN EN 13501, which differentiates fire behaviour according to construction products and types of construction.

Roth ServiceXtra

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Roth offers its partners in the specialist trade a comprehensive service package with "Roth ServiceXtra". It includes planning, advice, installation service and after-sales service.

The focus is on the needs of HVAC contractors!

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Roth pipe installation systems

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Roth offers its pipe installation system for radiator connection and drinking water installation with system solutions up to the dimensions of 63 millimeters. In addition to Roth metal fittings, the product range includes Roth plastic fittings and the Roth Alu-Laserplus multilayer composite pipe.