In harmony with nature

Roth practices active environmental protection

Active environmental protection is anchored in our corporate principles. We attach importance to the conservation of resources in the development, manufacture and use of our products.

Responsibility towards our living space obliges us to ensure that we pursue environmental protection beyond the legal requirements. In this way, we help to reduce CO2 emissions to a considerable extent. With our own environmental statement and the establishment of an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS (ECOManagement and Audit Scheme), we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance.

Roth Werke achieves EcoVadis silver medal for sustainable commitment

With 61 out of a possible 100 points, Roth achieved the silver medal

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is examined, i.e. corporate social responsibility with regard to sustainable business. EcoVadis is a leading provider of sustainability ratings and examines companies in the four fields of environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Roth's application was based not only on its corporate principles, but also on the newly developed Code of Conduct and the environmental management system according to EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), which has been established since 2010. It is considered one of the strictest regulations in resource protection.

Family business produces in a climate-conscious manner - and thus becomes a role model

Roth Werke receive the 2018 national enviroment award

Roth Werke has won the national "EMAS Environmental Management 2018" award for its environmentally friendly production. As the company has significantly reduced its CO2 emissions at the Buchenau and Wolfgruben sites, it convinced the jury in the "Large Companies" category. "This award is high recognition for the company's achievements on the road to climate-neutral production," says Hartmut Gojdka, the company's environmental management officer. State Secretary for the Environment Florian Pronold presented the award in Berlin in December 2018 in recognition of the company's climate strategy.

  • Our product concepts are designed to protect the environment from damage by using environmentally friendly materials - usually special plastics. The use of carefully selected materials and the system technologies employed ensure the durability of our product ranges. They have proven their worth over decades of use.
  • Through innovative product solutions, we bring about manufacturing processes that require lower energy input while maintaining or even improving efficiency. By substituting conventional materials with plastic as the base material for our product systems, we make a significant contribution to improving the eco-balance.
  • The use of recyclable materials for the manufacture of our product systems is mandatory for our development. Our commitment to conserving our resources is underpinned by awards.
  • The innovative product concepts of Building Services and Industrial Technology help to save energy and protect the environment on a daily basis. For example, we achieve major energy savings through our pressure storage systems for capital assets but also through our ecological energy generation with heat pump and solar and our efficient surface heating and cooling systems for energy use. We have also invented Roth Energy Logic as a control system for building technology, which, when our energy generation is networked with energy storage and with energy use, additionally brings about great energy savings. With our unique "Roth Eco-Energy Cycle", we are making a commitment to active environmental protection.

In view of the magnitude of the challenges in climate protection, it is eminently important for Roth to assume social responsibility.

Roth pursues the goal of reducing CO2 emissions at the site as much as possible.
In addition to the purchase of certified green electricity, which will save approx. 3,000 t of CO2 emissions annually from 2016 onwards, and the company's own electricity generation by means of an 86.5 kWp photovoltaic system, in 2011 the heating technology of a 3,300 m2 production hall was redesigned to reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 590 tons annually.

In 2013, Roth opened a 5,000 m2 logistics center with a pioneering energy supply system. The energy obtained from the environment for the hall heating is equivalent to the need for about 120,000 liters of heating oil. Roth saves approximately 392 tons of CO2 emissions annually with the environmentally friendly energy concept for the logistics hall.

"We want to advance the sustainable orientation of our company.
This can only be done with innovations and resource efficiency."

 Christin Roth-Jäger

Roth Werke

Customer of INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH

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Recycling of transport packaging
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Recycling of sales packaging
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