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Modern well-being in an apartment building

An increasing demand in the housing industry is to comply with drinking water hygiene while at the same time meeting the highest comfort requirements. Due to the constant development of legal requirements, especially in apartment buildings, which are becoming more and more impressive building complexes, the demands on the system technology are also increasing.

In apartment buildings, home stations combine the advantages of centralised heat generation with those of decentralised hot water preparation. Furthermore, compared to a central heat distribution and domestic hot water heating system, the use of a home station offers the advantage of individual temperature adjustment of the domestic hot water as well as heat distribution within the flat.

Cosiness and comfort at the highest level

The new Roth FlatConnect heat interface unit controls the heat output for space heating and DHW heating in the individual flats of an apartment building - in new build and modernisation. It combines the advantages of centralised heat generation with the benefits of decentralised domestic hot water preparation.

The current range of Roth FlatConnect heat interface units includes two output levels with tap rates for domestic hot water of 15 and 20 litres per minute. The Roth FlatConnect HIU with integrated panel heating module is suitable for flats with a heat demand of up to 8 kilowatts.

Now new for low temperature systems

The new generation of FlatConnect heat interface units has been newly developed for low temperature systems with a domestic hot water tap rate of 14 litres per minute. With a tap temperature of 50 °C, this results in a necessary system flow temperature of 55 °C, which enables efficient operation of a heat pump. The heart of the new product series responsible for this is the innovative hydraulic control valve, which allows a heating medium overtemperature of only five Kelvin. This makes it possible to integrate efficient low temperature heating systems such as the Roth heat pumps in the different variants.

  • high water hygiene
  • low heat loss due to two-pipe system
  • individual temperature setting
  • low-maintenance operation
  • high-performance heat exchanger with increased corrosion resistance and self-cleaning effect
  • extensive sound and heat insulation
  • consumption-based billing (optional) through on-site heat meter/water meter
  • compact design
  • reduced installation effort

The modular system for maximum flexibility

The practical modular system
The concept for FlatConnect is based on a modular design, thus ensuring maximum flexibility when planning apartment buildings with individually equipped flats. The project-specific prefabrication of the Roth FlatConnect mounting cabinets with ball valve manifold and heating circuit manifold including connection set is part of the Roth service. The Roth heat interface units can also be subsequently adapted to new requirements by means of simple installation steps.

The variants
Depending on the circumstances of individual flats, six different basic modules with different technical equipment can be selected. In the simplest expansion stage, Roth offers the FlatConnect as a fresh water station for pure drinking water preparation. Further expansion stages are available in the range of flat stations, which additionally allow the integration of radiant heating systems and high-temperature applications, such as for a radiator in the bathroom. The integration of a drinking water circulation system is optionally possible in each expansion stage.
The equipment variants for heating applications (exception: FlatConnect basic modules for installation in EPP insulation shell) have a pre-assembled electrical connection box, factory-wired circulating pumps.

The installation-friendly Roth FlatConnect heat interface units are available for purely surface-mounted installation or for use in surface-mounted or flush-mounted mounting cabinets. Roth uses tried-and-tested, high-quality components and materials for the heat interface units. The overall concept ensures low-maintenance operation.

Product information

Learn more about the components used

Roth FlatConnect Basismodule LT – Ausstattung und Funktionsprinzip

Zur individuellen Versorgung einer Wohneinheit mit hygienischem Trinkwasser und geregelter Wärmeverteilung für Flächenheizung und einem Heizkörper für Niedertemperatursysteme (z. B. Wärmepumpensysteme)

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Roth Untertischeinheit (UTE)

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Your benefits package from Roth -

for modern living

The energy-efficient control concept ensures uniform hot water temperatures and constant tapping rates. The fast-response switching of the operating modes "heating" and "hot water" ensures maximum comfort for the users. FlatConnect heat interface units allow individually adjustable temperatures for drinking and heating water as well as the integration of metering devices for billing in accordance with heating cost regulation § 9.

When FlatConnect is installed in apartment buildings, the cost of insulation and fire protection measures as well as the amount of pipes and pipe routes are reduced. In addition, installation shafts and openings can be dimensioned smaller.

For the Roth FlatConnect heat interface units, Roth offers the best further components such as Roth radiant heating and cooling systems, Roth pipe installation systems and the Roth Thermotank heat storage tank - precisely matched to each other.


The plus in services for home stations

Commissioning and maintenance service apartment stations

Services Roth FlatConnect apartment station

In addition to our product quality and careful planning and design of heating and drinking water systems with FlatConnect, we offer you a commissioning and maintenance service by our trained service technicians in the event of a time bottleneck.

> Commissioning
We support you on site during commissioning.

> Maintenance
Regular maintenance and inspections are required by law for drinking water systems. To maintain the function and value of the system, we provide you with inspection, maintenance and servicing contracts.

> Repair service
Due to varying operating conditions, malfunctions or even failures can never be completely prevented. We do everything we can to minimize the impact on you and your customers.

Modular design for individual needs

The basic modules are available in six configuration variants. It is possible to obtain preassembled mounting cabinets with an integrated ball valve manifold and heating circuit manifold including connection set. Or they can be assembled and delivered according to customer requirements.

In any case, with the equipment variants of the Roth FlatConnect home stations, Roth always offers a practical, flexible modular system.

Pre-assembled home stations

Roth ServiceXtra

Your advantage on the construction site

Roth offers its partners in the specialist trade a comprehensive service package with "Roth ServiceXtra". It includes planning, advice, installation service and after-sales service.

The focus is on the needs of HVAC contractors!

BAFA funding

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) promotes measures for the use of renewable energies with attractive funding amounts from the Market Incentive Programme (MAP). The funding is divided into funding for existing buildings and funding for new buildings. In the case of renovation, the installation of home stations is eligible for funding. Attractive subsidies are available for apartment buildings in particular, as the maximum subsidy amount applies per residential unit.
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Roth: FlatConnect home station

The Roth FlatConnect heat interface unit controls the heat output for space heating and domestic hot water in the individual flats of an apartment building - in new build and modernisation. The current range of Roth FlatConnect HIU includes two output levels with tap rates for domestic hot water of 15 and 20 litres per minute. They are suitable for flats with up to 100 square metres of living space and a heat requirement of up to 8 kilowatts.