Roth glass showers

Variety and design - made to measure

When furnishing a bathroom nowadays, design plays a major role alongside functionality. The Roth glass shower series Cariba, Cariba Move, Laguna Maxi Wave, Limaya and Philly Loft are a sophisticated combination of form and function and offer the highest level of functionality with maximum comfort in the form of clear lines, cosy spaciousness and elegant transparency. They bring fine brilliance to your bathroom. Depending on the room layout and design ideas, the wide range of variations offers solutions for all wishes.

Create a bathroom according to your ideas with Roth glass showers - discreetly framed by profiles from the Cariba, Cariba Move, Laguna Maxi Wave, Limaya or Philly Loft series.

Variety and design - made to measure, of course
The extensive Roth glass shower range offers solutions for every bathroom - for every architecture, for every design idea and for every application.

With the Roth Laguna Maxi Wave, Cariba, Cariba Move, Limaya and Philly Loft series, you get the tailor-made glass shower for your individual showering pleasure - see for yourself!

Roth glass shower series

timeless and innovative

For over 70 years, we have been setting new standards in modern building technology time and again with our own research and development department.

Our customers can rely on our quality promise: The company is certified according to ISO 9001. All products thus comply with the relevant standards.

Roth ETC coating

All Roth glass showers are optionally available with the Roth ETC coating (EasyToClean).

Leak proofness of glass showers

Splash water impermeability is decisively determined by the structure and design of the shower enclosures. Roth shower enclosures meet all the requirements of DIN EN 14428, while shower enclosures with profiles provide a better seal due to their design. It is optimal to choose the shower, in addition to the design, according to personal showering habits.

Absolute tightness is not possible with frameless models. Splash protection can be significantly increased by the lifting/lowering mechanism of the doors and the use of transparent seals.

Partially framed
Partially framed models can also optimally influence the escape of splash water due to the lifting/lowering mechanism of the doors as well as the use of transparent seals or water-repellent profiles.

Perfect splash protection is provided by perimeter-framed models. The bottom profile safely stops and returns the accumulated splash water that bounces off the edge of the tub.