System solutions for renovation

Energy-efficient renovation - everything from a single source

A solution for the future - user comfort and environmental protection simply realised

Renovating an old building is the first step towards living in a comfortable, energy-optimised home. In a long-term, high-quality and contemporary property that makes a firm contribution to climate protection.

Many old buildings are due for modernisation now and in the years to come. The owners want to preserve the charm of the buildings. At the same time, they want thermal comfort, energy and cost savings, improved quality of life and value retention.

Radiant heating and cooling systems for retrofitting can easily meet these needs. Demand-optimised heating and cooling systems offer a modern and advanced system solution with architectural design freedom for your own four walls.

And if you want to go one step further, low-temperature radiant heating and cooling systems can be perfectly combined with renewable energy sources, such as a heat pump. This environmentally friendly energy generation is also ideal for upcoming renovation plans. Heat pumps use the energy available in the environment as heat for heating and hot water, and optionally for cooling. Their reliable operation and cost-effectiveness have been proven over many years of practical use. They offer the tantalising security of independence from fossil fuels.

The heat pumps are smart grid and photovoltaic compatible. This requirement paves the way for integration into a photovoltaic system. This allows surplus electricity to be efficiently converted into heat.

Roth renovation systems

The clever way to renovate energy-efficiently

Roth radiant heating and cooling systems - underfloor heating is possible in every old building

Many homeowners are currently looking to modernise the heating systems or heating components in their homes. An energy-efficient renovation will not only improve the comfort and cosiness of your home, it will also reduce your energy costs and help protect the climate.

Homeowners often wish to have underfloor heating. With its underfloor heating and cooling systems for floors, walls and ceilings, Roth offers versatile distribution systems for optimum implementation in renovation projects with the lowest possible installation height. The result is tailored solutions for seasonal and user requirements. In the cold seasons, the Roth radiant heating and cooling system ensures comfortable, warm room temperatures. In summer, it provides pleasant cooling.
These measures increase the efficiency, sustainability and value of the building.

Roth ServiceXtra - the plus in services

With "Roth ServiceXtra", Roth offers its partners in the specialist trade a comprehensive service package. The focus is on the needs of HVAC contractors. With comprehensive advice and customised planning, Roth positions itself as a competent system provider. An installation service for Roth radiant heating and cooling systems is also included. Comprehensive after-sales service and guarantees round off the service package.

Roth system solutions combine product systems from regenerative energy generation to economical energy storage and distribution to form an efficient complete system. All components of the overall system are optimally matched and ensure maximum energy efficiency with maximum user comfort.

Efficiently networked - with Roth heat pumps and heat accumulators

Radiant heating and cooling systems are the ideal complement to heat pumps. The operation of heat pumps, especially in the low temperature range, in conjunction with large heating or cooling distribution areas is particularly economical. Perfectly combined with Roth heat pumps.

When using renewable energies, choosing the right storage tank for hot water and heating water is essential for efficient energy utilisation. Perfectly combined with Roth heat storage tanks.

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