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Efficient use of heat pumps and heat storage tanks

Heat pumps in renovation

Is that possible? Does that make sense?

Good planning is crucial. The existing conditions are often sufficient to efficiently operate a climate-friendly heating system such as a heat pump for heating and hot water. This means that the existing radiators can continue to be used for heat distribution if the maximum flow temperatures are ≤55 degrees Celsius.

Further refurbishment measures, such as roof and facade insulation, window replacement or the installation of wall, ceiling and underfloor heating, are not a prerequisite for the installation of a heat pump. However, these additional measures can of course increase the efficiency, sustainability and value of the building.

Up to 50% funding* is available for heat pumps when renovating residential buildings. 5% funding is included with the help of an individualised renovation roadmap (iSFP)

Heat pumps from Roth

- always the right choice

As a general rule, the lower the building's heat requirement and the required flow temperatures, the more efficiently Roth heat pumps can be operated.

Roth heat pumps require little space, are very efficient and whisper-quiet in operation. All features that speak in favour of easy implementation and optimum operation. Roth offers air/water, brine/water heat pumps and water/water heat pumps for new and old buildings. Depending on your requirements, you can obtain the Roth ThermoAura air/water heat pump or Roth AuraModul for outdoor installation or the Roth AuraCompact with integrated buffer cylinder for indoor installation. The range of brine/water heat pumps includes the various Roth ThermoTerra models, which are available with passive cooling (accessory) on request.

The outdoor and room temperature-controlled Roth heat pumps with integrated efficiency circulation pump guarantee an x-fold energy plus.

Use heat pumps even more efficiently!

Roth heat pumps for indoor and outdoor installation are perfect for combining with photovoltaic systems.

Environmental friendliness taken a step further.

Well-being starts at home

  • Save money!
  • Enjoy!
  • Increase value!
  • Act sustainably!

Promotion included

Current subsidy rates offer a further incentive for the use of a Roth heat pump.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) rewards the installation of an efficient heat pump with attractive subsidies from the Federal Subsidy for Efficient Buildings (BEG) if you renovate your building. You can also view the current subsidies at

The Federal Subsidy for Efficient Buildings (BEG) will restructure the previous KfW and BAFA subsidies for the energy efficiency of buildings from 2021.

Further information on subsidies can be found at foerderdata. Foerderdata is the most comprehensive and up-to-date funding database in Germany for all projects in the areas of construction, renovation and energy saving.

Roth Promotion Service - our experts for your promotion

As a special service, Roth takes care of the application for subsidies for you with a subsidy service! Roth offers you an all-round carefree package where you don't have to worry about a thing in order to receive your state subsidy. This subsidy service is included with the purchase of a Roth heat pump system.

Talk to us: service.waermepumpe[at]

Thermotank Quadroline

optimal in der Renovierung

Another sensible investment for modernising your home is the thermal store. It is the logical addition for an optimised overall system, from energy generation to storage and distribution.

When using renewable energies, such as a heat pump, choosing the right storage tank for hot water and heating water is essential for efficient energy utilisation, as generation and consumption do not always coincide. This is child's play for the Roth Thermotank Quadroline heat storage tank, which stores the heat generated and releases it as required.

Pleasant lightness

The Roth Thermotank Quadroline is made of high-quality plastic composite material with diffusion protection and external high-performance EPS insulation. The use of this material makes it extremely light - its weight is only around a third of that of a conventional, comparable steel storage tank.

Easy to install in the cellar
Even with large volumes, transporting it up steep and narrow stairs or through narrow doors into a building is very easy with two people. This makes the Thermotank Quadroline particularly suitable for use in new builds as well as renovations. Thanks to its low tipping height, the tank can also be easily installed in low cellars.


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