Roth heat pump systems

Natural heating and cooling

Nature is important to us

that is why we focus on environmentally friendly energy generation

Roth's heat pump technology makes renewable energy available for your own four walls all year round. The highly efficient technology offers the opportunity to immediately and sustainably reduce carbon dioxide emissions and drastically cut heating costs for private households.

Heat pumps provide the energy available in the environment as heat for heating and hot water production and optionally as cooling. They have proven their reliable operation and economic efficiency in years of practical use. They offer the tantalising security of being independent of fossil fuels.

Feel good at half the price

Fossil fuels are becoming more and more expensive. Building owners and heating system modernisers will have to reckon with high energy prices in the future as well. Unless they opt for a heat pump heating system. Only this is capable of reducing heating energy costs by up to 50 percent.

Tested quality

Roth Werke GmbH is a member of the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (BWP) e. V. (German Heat Pump Association). This means that we are committed to maintaining the demanding criteria for quality, performance and service in the future.

Renewable energies -
Roth heat pumps are the ideal partners:

All Roth heat pumps are awarded at least Label A++.

Roth heat pump systems - a good decision

Roth offers air/water, brine/water and water/water heat pumps with a heating output of 4 to 19 kW for new and old buildings. Depending on the requirements, there is the Roth ThermoAura air/water heat pump or Roth AuraModule for outdoor installation and the Roth AuraCompact with integrated buffer tank for indoor installation. The brine/water heat pump product range includes the various Roth ThermoTerra types, which are available with passive cooling (accessories) on request.

The solar- and room-temperature-controlled Roth heat pumps with integrated efficiency circulating pump guarantee an x-fold energy plus.

Promotion included

Current subsidy rates offer a further incentive for the use of a Roth heat pump.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) rewards the installation of an efficient heat pump with attractive subsidies from the Market Incentive Programme (MAP). You can also view the current subsidies at

With the Federal Promotion for Efficient Buildings (BEG), the previous KfW and BAFA promotions for the energy efficiency of buildings will be restructured from 2021.

Further information on subsidies is available at foerderdata. Foerderdata is the most comprehensive and up-to-date funding database in Germany for all projects in the field of construction, renovation and energy saving.

Roth promotion service - our experts for your funding promotion

As a special service, Roth takes care of the application for subsidies for you with a subsidy service! Roth offers you an all-round carefree package where you don't have to worry about anything in order to receive your state subsidies. This subsidy service is included when you purchase a Roth heat pump system.

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Roth complete system for all applications

Roth always offers the right optimally networked complete system for the most diverse requirements, from energy generation to energy utilisation. The Roth heat pump range covers almost all applications. Depending on the requirements, Roth offers a surface temperature control system ideally matched to the energy generator across the floor, wall and ceiling for new buildings and especially for modernisation with the lowest possible installation height.

When designing an energy system for building services, the basic idea should be to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. The complete system developed by Roth, consisting of heat pumps and radiant heating and cooling systems, offers needs-based solutions for seasonal and user-related requirements. In cold seasons, the Roth complete system ensures cosy, warm room temperatures. In summer, it provides pleasant cooling.

Save energy in the complete system

Flächen-Heiz- und Kühlsysteme – die ideale Ergänzung zu Wärmepumpen

By cleverly choosing the heat source and the heat distribution system, the coefficient of performance or annual performance factor of the heat pump can already be positively influenced when planning the system. The best coefficient of performance is achieved with even temperatures in the positive temperature range of the heat source and low flow temperatures in the heat distribution system. This is optimally achieved in combination with Roth radiant heating systems.

Therefore, the operation of heat pumps is particularly economical in the low-temperature range in combination with large heating or cooling distribution areas. Roth's large-area heating and cooling systems, which are installed in floors, walls or ceilings, are the ideal heat or cooling distribution systems for buildings.


The plus in performance for heat pump systems

Commissioning and maintenance service for heat pump systems

Services Roth Heat Pump Systems

> Initial commissioning with instruction
Setting of system parameters in the heat pump controller, test run, creation of a commissioning report, briefing of the client/system operator and handover of product documentation

> Remote maintenance
This enables error reporting and remote setting of the heat pump via the portal

> One-time and annual maintenance
Optionally, we offer one-off maintenance or a maintenance contract for annual maintenance of Roth heat pump systems.

> Repair service
Due to varying operating conditions, malfunctions or even failures can never be completely prevented. We do everything we can to keep the impact on you and your customers as low as possible.

Roth assists with grant applications

As a special service, Roth takes over the application for subsidies for you with a subsidy service! Roth offers you an all-round carefree package where you don't have to worry about anything in order to receive your government subsidies. When you purchase a Roth heat pump system, this subsidy service is included.

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