Roth Storage and Transportation Containers Unitech und Multitech

competence in container technology

Our expertise for your safety

Uni/Multitech containers are the product of the latest design and manufacturing technology. The inner container is made of high-molecular-weight PE-HD, which has been proven millions of times and is seamlessly blow-molded. The outer container is made of galvanized sheet steel on both sides. Due to the patented material-protecting flanging, the sheet steel outer container is permanently and firmly connected to the PE-HD inner container. The outer container has the function of a collection tray with a one hundred percent collection volume in relation to the inner container.

A leakage probe integrated as standard monitors the inter-tank space. Due to the use of high-quality materials and the leakage-monitored metal shell of the inner tank, this design is excellently suited as a single tank for the storage of water-polluting liquids in the private, industrial and commercial sectors. Integrated carrying handles allow easy handling of the tanks. The low center of gravity provides great stability.

Roth Unitech- und Multitech containers are vertisil in its use

Consequent safety
The absolutely corrosion-free inner tanks and the fully galvanized, corrosion-proof flanged outer tanks are leak-tested.

Optimal dimensions
Thanks to the compact dimensions of the Unitech/Mulitech containers, no additional step ladder is required for operation in the 400 l, 750 l and 1000 l sizes. The containers offer maximum storage volume with minimum space requirements.

Perfect quality
Constant material and manufacturing controls and TÜV-supervised ISO-certified production ensure consistently high quality. Years of maintenance-free operation backed by our 5-year warranty.


The Unitech/Multitech tanks are officially approved for installation without an additional sump or additional containment space. The installation of Unitech/Multitech tanks as storage tanks is only permitted as single tanks in rooms of buildings (wall distances on three sides at least 50 mm, on one long side at least 400 mm). Up to 1250 l filling volume, filling via a self-closing nozzle in the free outlet is permissible; in delivery rates up to a maximum of 200 l/minute.

Scope of delivery

  • standard with visual leakage probe and level indicator
  • standard base frame for stationary installation ensures sufficient ventilation under the tank

Roth Unitech

Storage tanks for liquids that are hazardous to water

Unitech tanks are storage tanks approved by the building authorities for liquids hazardous to water with a flash point above 55 °C, for stationary installation in rooms of buildings without additional containment space, as individual tanks.

    Safe storage of hazardous liquids* (without additional containment space)

    • Heating oil EL according to DIN 51603-6
    • Fuel oil DIN 51603-6 EL A Bio 5 to 15 according to DIN SPEC 51603-6 with addition of FAME according to DIN EN 14214 without additional alternative components
    • Diesel fuel according to DIN EN 590
    • Fatty acid methyl ester according to DIN EN 14214 (biodiesel)
    • Lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, heat transfer oils Q, alloyed or unalloyed, with flash point above 55 °C
    • Lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, heat transfer oils Q used, flash point above 55 °C; origin and flash point must be verifiable by the operator*.
    • Vegetable oils such as cottonseed, olive, rapeseed, castor or wheat germ oil in any concentration, not used as food or for the production of food
    • Photochemicals, commercially available in use concentration (new and used) with a density of max. 1.15 g/cm³ (maximum filling degree 80 %)

    Storage and transportation tanks Roth Multitech (MT)

    Safe transport and storage of hazardous goods

    Multitech containers are approved for the transport of dangerous goods of packaging group II or III. They are suitable as intermediate bulk containers for the transport of hazardous goods (liquids) in accordance with the German Ordinance on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Inland Waterways (GGVSEB) and the German Ordinance on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Sea (GGVSee). The firmly connected base frame allows the container to be driven under and transported by forklift truck or pallet truck. In addition, the specially shaped base frame provides all-round collision and transport protection.

      Safe transport and storage of dangerous liquid goods* of packaging group II or III (without additional containment space).

      Quality features of Roth double-walled tanks

      • Sealed plastic inner tank and enclosing sealed metal outer tank (without openings in the liquid area)
      • The plastic tank made of high-quality durable polyethylene (PE-HD) is insensitive to corrosion and therefore ideally suited for the storage of many liquids (see General Building Inspectorate Approval of the DIBt)
      • the metal shell
        • protects the inner container against stress during transport and storage
        • is protected against corrosion by its inner and outer zinc layer with its additional surface sealing
        • is joined in a way that is gentle to the material due to the liquid-tight flanging
        • the corrosion protection is not impaired by the joining process, unlike welding
        • is optimally protected against fire (certified by a 90-minute fire test at the Dortmund Materials Testing Institute)
        • protects the storage medium against light and diffusion (safety for all storage media, also with biogenic components)