Rainwater utilization, small sewage treatment plants and collecting pits

Win for people and nature

Rainwater - useful for all

Rainwater has many uses, from watering lawns, hedges, shrubs, flowers, filling ponds, created streams and fountains, to cleaning terraces, paths, yards and stairs around the house. The result: happy plants thanks to soft water that does not contain lime, enormous savings in drinking water, less expenditure - a desirable goal from an ecological and economic point of view.

Domestic wastewater biologically valuable

The aim of wastewater treatment is to return water to nature that does not represent a burden for it.
Every day, domestic wastewater accumulates in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and washing machine, which can be returned to the natural water cycle in purified form.
Whether in the form of infiltration or discharge into a watercourse, the result is a benefit for our environment.

By using rainwater and small wastewater treatment plants, we can make an enormous contribution to conserving our water resources - and make our everyday lives more ecological and economical.

Water collection, storage, infiltration, purification

an effective contribution to environmental relief

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