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Use environmentally friendly heat

Swimming pool absorbers for a pleasant outdoor pool season

Solar thermal systems are ideally suited for heating swimming pool water in outdoor pools. The swimming pool water flows through the black, unglazed absorbers made of high-quality, UV-resistant high-density polyethylene and is heated in the process. The swimming pool absorbers are manufactured using the unique CoEx process. The water in the outdoor pool reaches pleasant temperatures with the swimming pool absorbers, which are produced in an environmentally friendly and economical way. In addition, the outdoor pool season can be extended with the use of swimming pool absorbers. The purchase costs of the absorbers pay for themselves in a short time.

The service is also useful. A nationwide field service provides quick advice on commercial and technical questions directly on site. Reliable delivery and spare parts supply is ensured by sophisticated logistics.

Stored heat for an extended swimming season
With the Roth HelioPool, pleasant water temperatures are achieved throughout the entire bathing season. This can even be extended, as the Roth HelioPool absorber stores heat that can be used when temperatures drop.

What we can do for you?
Reduce your energy costs with a system for swimming pool water heating that has been tried and tested over many years.

Roth Heliopool®

simply extend the summer

Roth Heliopool®

simply extend the summer

Roth Heliopool swimming pool absorber

Roth extends the outdoor pool season. As a specialist in plastics processing, Roth developed the Roth HelioPool swimming pool absorber made of high-quality high-density polyethylene (PE-HD). It is suitable for the environmentally friendly and energy-saving heating of swimming pool water using the continuous flow principle. All installation applications can be realised with just one absorber type.


Example: Arnstorf open-air swimming pool
Significant savings have already been achieved in an outdoor swimming pool in Arnstorf, southern Germany, through the use of the Roth HelioPool swimming pool absorber:

Swimming pool size/content: 1000 m3
Roth HelioPool: 142 units (approx. 315 m2)
installed absorber capacity: 221 kW
Energy savings: 16,000 litres of heating oil/year
CO2 emission saving: 42.64 t


The plus in services for solar systems

Installation service

"All-round carefree" with Roth

Roth accompanies you to the construction site
Roth organizes the installation of Roth Heliopool® swimming pool absorbers for you. The size of the installation teams can be flexibly adapted to the construction project at any time. From planning to realization, Roth is your contact. Roth takes care of simple, smooth processing for you. The installation teams work in close coordination with you, ensure the highest quality and are trained in the use of all Roth systems.

Notes on the design
The performance values of the absorber cannot be compared with a glazed collector with thermal insulation. Since the HelioPool is an unglazed absorber without back wall insulation, the absorber's performance value depends on the expected wind speed. Another important point in the design of an absorber system is the specification of a cover for the pool for the night, as the influence on the design is considerable.

The following rule of thumb applies as a rough quantity calculation for Central Europe for uncovered swimming pools:
Absorber area = 0.7 x area of the swimming pool surface

Roth ServiceXtra

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Roth offers its partners in the specialist trade a comprehensive service package with "Roth ServiceXtra". It includes planning, advice, installation service and after-sales service.

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