Code of conduct

Family, dynamic and responsible behaviour are the three pillars of the Roth family company's corporate principles.

With this Code of Conduct, we expressly acknowledge our social responsibility in the context of our business activities and thus create secure guidelines for our actions. On this basis, we strengthen the trust that our business partners place in us and build on it sustainably.

Every day, we take responsibility for the processes in our companies, our products, our business relationships, our employees and for the environment,
business relationships, employees, the environment and society.
To do this, we must know our values, act accordingly and comply with applicable laws and regulations. With this voluntary self-commitment, we also want to ensure compliance with global
social requirements for ethical and moral behaviour. This also means upholding and promoting fair and sustainable standards in our dealings with suppliers, customers and company employees.

We endeavour to ensure that everyone involved in our processes is guided by these values and behaves accordingly. By adhering to our values, we ensure the success and future viability of our value-based family business.

This Code of Conduct applies to all Roth companies.

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Responsibility in dealing with business partners


Our business activities are geared to the customer - this focus is an important part of our corporate principles. In connection with this, we are committed to fair competition in our relationships with customers, suppliers and market competitors. We maintain a trusting relationship with authorities and observe consumer protection standards. Our business activities are based on generally accepted business practices of fairness and honesty.

No corruption

For the success of our partnerships, we make sure that no personal dependencies and obligations arise towards business partners. We reject bribery and corruption and do not tolerate such behavior. In particular, company employees must not accept or make gifts that can be expected to influence business decisions or result in an improper advantage. If gifts are customary and polite in a country, it must be ensured that no obligatory dependencies are created as a result and that national legal standards are observed. We rely on all Roth employees to use common sense when giving or accepting gifts. Violations will result in measures under labor law.

Laws, antitrust and competition law

Roth is committed to fair competition. To this end, we comply with laws protecting competition, in particular antitrust and other standards regulating competition.
Unlawful agreements on prices or other conditions, sales territories or customers, as well as abuse of market power, are contrary to our corporate principles.

We are guided by generally accepted ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, honesty and human dignity. We comply with the applicable laws and standards in the countries in which we operate.

Foreign trade law and export control

Free trade in compliance with applicable law is a high priority for us as an internationally active company. For this reason, we observe the international legal regulations for export control in export and foreign trade and carry out the necessary checks for this - for example with the help of individually developed software.

Data privacy

We handle the data of our business partners, customers and employees responsibly and observe the laws and regulations of data protection. Business secrets of business partners are treated confidentially by the company and its employees. Disclosure of confidential information to third parties or making it publicly available is prohibited. This also applies to company employees after termination of the employment relationship.

In the daily use of our information technologies (IT), we expect our employees to protect the computer system and the IT network. Each individual is required to be careful with user data, passwords, files, e-mail attachments and Internet links in order to avoid damage from inside or outside the company.

Social responsibility


We strive for competence leadership in the respective markets through quality and innovations - this is part of our corporate principles. The development and growth of our company is closely intertwined with people's living conditions and living spaces. Therefore, social responsibility and integrity are important pillars of our actions.

Protection of human and employee rights

As a family-owned company operating worldwide, we assume global responsibility and observe internationally recognized human rights in accordance with the UN Human Rights Charter. We strengthen their observance at all Roth locations. We reject child labor and any kind of exploitation of children and young people and comply with the relevant laws. We reject any form of forced labor. We also expect our suppliers and business partners to recognize human rights.

Company employees may not be forced into employment, either directly or indirectly, through violence or intimidation. Even in the case of disciplinary measures, all company employees must be treated with dignity and respect. Such measures may only be taken in accordance with applicable national and international standards and internationally recognized human rights.

Social responsibility

We are committed to social progress, education, art, culture and club life because, as a value-based family company, we want to strengthen people's living conditions - especially in the respective regions of our locations. Many organizations and institutions are supported by Roth, for example the Lebenshilfe workshops. We offer our employees a variety of options for balancing work and family, such as the "Rothkehlchen" nursery at the company's headquarters and job sharing, as well as flexible working time models for employees who care for relatives.

In particular, the training of skilled workers is an important concern for us. Numerous trainees, annual interns and students are in training with us every year. The takeover rate as well as the training rate in the Roth family business are above average.

Enviromental Protection

Active environmental protection is anchored in our corporate principles. We attach great importance to the conservation of resources in the development, manufacture and use of our products. We thus act in accordance with the principles of the Rio Declaration of the United Nations.

Our responsibility to our environment obliges us to ensure that we go beyond the legal requirements to protect the environment.
pursue. In this way, we help to reduce CO2 emissions to a considerable extent.

At major European Roth production sites, we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance with our own environmental statement and the establishment of an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme of the European Union).

By using renewable energies, waste heat and purchasing green electricity at major Roth locations, we have halved CO2 emissions since 2014. In terms of locations, we already operate in a climate-neutral manner.

Sustainability of the Roth products

Roth product concepts are designed to protect the environment from damage by using environmentally friendly materials. The use of carefully selected materials and the system technologies employed ensure the durability of our product ranges. They have proven themselves in decades of use.

Through innovative product solutions, we bring about manufacturing processes that require less energy while maintaining or even improving efficiency. By using durable high-tech plastics as the base material for our product systems, we make a significant contribution to improving the eco-balance.
The use of recyclable materials for the manufacture of our product systems is mandatory for development. Our constant commitment to conserving resources is recognized by awards.

Every day, the innovative product concepts of Building Services and Industrial Technology help to save energy and protect the environment. For example, we achieve major energy savings through our pressurized storage systems for capital goods, as well as through ecological energy generation with heat pumps and solar, and efficient surface heating and cooling systems for energy use. The European Environmental Bureau recognized the sustainability of Roth's building technology product range in 2021.

Responsibility with one another


A family atmosphere characterizes our corporate culture. Direct contact, independent of hierarchical levels, short decision-making processes, continuity in management and long periods of service are what set us apart. We master challenges as a team. Freedom of action is given and personal initiative is desired. Each individual is an important part of our family business. We maintain an open and trusting communication climate - characterized by mutual respect, appreciation and tolerance.


We treat all people fairly and with dignity. Roth values diversity and promotes a climate in which we learn from each other. We respect the personal rights, dignity and privacy of every individual. We reject any discrimination, whether on the basis of ethnic or national origin, skin color, gender, mental or physical disability, age, religious belief, membership in an employee organization or other personal characteristics.
The right of employees to freedom of association, assembly, collective bargaining and collective bargaining, to the extent legally permissible and possible in the respective country, is respected.

We do not tolerate bullying, physical, psychological or sexual violence. We guarantee the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Work and health

Safe and pleasant working conditions are the basis for our economic success. Our health and safety management system creates the conditions for this, identifies potential hazards at an early stage and takes appropriate countermeasures. In doing so, national and international regulations for ensuring health and safety at work are complied with. All Roth company employees should take care to prevent occupational accidents and work-related illnesses.

In addition, we offer health days, training and preventive programs to promote the health of our employees.

All employees receive a fair wage for their employment. Remuneration shall be paid in a practical manner and wage shall be made available on an appropriate scale. Working hours shall comply with applicable national law, industry standard or relevant ILO conventions.


Protection of company resources

We handle the provided company resources with care, we do not waste them and protect them from damage or theft. They are used exclusively to achieve Roth's corporate goals; we use them only for business purposes. A cost-conscious use of the resources provided contributes to the success of the company.
We also respect the property of our customers and business partners.

The protection of company resources also includes that we treat intellectual property, inventions, business and trade secrets strictly confidential and use them only for business purposes in the interest of the Roth family business.


Our respectful treatment of each other is also reflected in our external communication. In social media channels, for example, we treat the Roth family business, Roth products and our colleagues with respect. In public private expressions of opinion, it should be clearly recognizable that it is not a statement of the company.

Conflicts of interest

Our professional activities are oriented towards the good of the company. We make sure that our business decisions do not lead to conflicts between the interests of the Roth family business and our personal interests.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct protects the Roth family business, its employees and business partners from misconduct and is intended to ensure that all employees behave in accordance with laws and regulations as well as our own guidelines. The Code of Conduct is binding for all employees. Roth brings this Code of Conduct to the attention of its employees at regular intervals and ensures compliance with it.
No one who reports violations of this Code of Conduct in good faith shall be disadvantaged as a result - Roth is committed to ensuring this. Violations can also be reported anonymously.

Roth is also committed to the Code of Conduct of the Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie e. V. (GKV). (GKV) and is certified for this every two years.


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