Roth Alu-Laserplus system pipe

Suitable for any drinking water quality

The ideal supply lines for your building

Roth engineers have further improved the proven five-layer composite pipe of the Roth pipe installation system. The aluminium layer of the Roth Alu-Laserplus system pipe is made of an alloy with particularly high strength. The extra aluminium ensures greater installation comfort and safety. In addition, the aluminium layer is butt laser welded. The result is a homogeneous aluminium layer.

The core of the Alu-Laserplus system pipe is a thick-walled polyethylene base pipe that is tested according to strict quality requirements. It makes a decisive contribution to the stability of the entire pipe structure. The two high-quality polymer layers ensure a secure bond between the thick-walled base pipe, the homogeneous aluminium layer and the external polyethylene protective jacket.

The compact shape for even more mounting comfort

The slim and compact design gives the fitting body maximum mechanical strength and enables convenient installation - especially in narrow and angled installation situations. Slippage of the pipe fitted onto the fitting body is effectively prevented due to its special contour. The unit of pipe and fitting therefore no longer needs to be additionally stopped by the installer during installation. This facilitates pressing in vertical pipe runs in particular and thus offers significant advantages in terms of processing comfort and processing speed.

Viewing windows in the stainless steel pressing sleeve ensure visual control of the correct pipe positioning. Thanks to the rotating mechanism of the pressing sleeve, the processor has the possibility of an "all-round check".

In the event of damage to the stainless steel pressing sleeve, the stainless steel pressing sleeve, which is captively pre-mounted on the fitting body at the factory, can be replaced on site by the fabricator with a simple movement of the hand. The special shape of the stainless steel pressing sleeve enables precisely defined pressing jaw guidance for the pressing tool and thus ensures reliable pressing. Roth plastic fittings are installed with the proven Roth pressing tool.

Roth Alu-Laserplus system pipe with five functional layers at a glance

With a defined function allocation for the individual layers, the Roth Alu-Laserplus system pipe has the following properties:

  • thick-walled base tube ensures high stability
  • plus aluminium for increased strength
  • butt laser welded for a homogeneous aluminium layer
  • durable bond of the five layers due to the use of high-quality polymer
  • can be used for drinking water installations and heating installations (low storage costs, no risk of confusion)
  • corrosion-resistant
  • incrustation-free
  • oxygen-tight
  • suitable for any drinking water quality
  • minimised linear expansion
  • pressure and temperature stable
  • sound-reducing
  • dimensionally stable in operating condition and after execution of e.g. bending radii
  • no welding, thread cutting, soldering or gluing required
  • flexible and low-waste installation
  • permanently constant flow rates
  • long service life
  • DVGW-certified

Special protection for demanding applications

To minimise heat distribution losses and to protect ceiling, floor and wall constructions from excessive temperatures, Roth Alu-Laserplus system pipes are available with PE protective pipe or with thermal insulation.

Depending on the application, you can use 9 mm thick symmetrical insulation for the dimensions 14 to 25 mm, in accordance with the requirements of the EnEV or DIN 1988-200. In the dimensions 17 and 20 mm, a 13 and 26 mm thick symmetrical and additionally an asymmetrical 100 % insulation is available. The polyethylene pipe insulation corresponds to WLG 040.