Roth Quick Energy tacker system with QE high-efficiency screed

Quick response with minimal setup

Comfort quick response system with minimal structure

The Roth Quick Energy tacker system combines the fastest energy supply with the greatest convenience in terms of comfort and impact sound. The thin-layer radiant heating and cooling system with QE high-efficiency screed is based on the Roth Original Tacker installation technology. It gets by with a pipe overlap of just 20 millimeters. The Roth Quick Energy tacker system ensures a fast response thanks to its minimal structure.

Powerful components for strong solutions

Only the optimum combination of Roth product components creates the high-performance system solution. Together with the innovative Roth EPS DES 25-2 system composite panel, the Roth 14 millimeter system pipes, the red Roth tacker clip and the QE high-efficiency screed, the result is a radiant heating and cooling system with an installation height of just 60 millimeters.

The system can be used as a superstructure on concrete ceilings and other ceiling structures. The substrate must be load-bearing and level. The system also improves impact sound. The tested system structure is approved for live loads of up to two kilonewtons per square meter.

System structure (from bottom to top)

  1. Load-bearing substrate
  2. Roth system composite panel 25-2 EPS DES sm WLG 032
  3. Roth system pipe X-PERT S5®
  4. QE high-efficiency screed
  5. Floor covering
  • comfort rapid response system
  • minimal build-up, fastest energy supply
  • minimized weight per unit area
  • impact sound improvement
  • QE high-efficiency screed
  • for new construction and renovation
  • shortened construction time
  • residential construction and object solutions
  • system certification

Roth radiant heating and cooling

Comfort is that simple

Simple installation with a high degree of flexibility, coupled with operational and construction site safety as well as superior efficiency, are the hallmarks of Roth radiant heating and cooling - even for unusual floor plans. The Roth Original Tacker system ensures extremely simple installation and centimetre-precise pipe positioning with regard to optimum distribution of heat and cooling, even in the most difficult installation situations.

The consistently high quality standards of the individual components as well as the overall system are documented by a large number of test, monitoring and quality marks.


Approval No. 7F397-F

High insulation effect with maximum impact sound improvement with flat structure

The Roth EPS DES 25-2 system composite panel, a combined thermal/impact sound insulation, reduces the floor's installation height by up to ten millimeters compared to standard insulation boards with impact sound insulation. Due to its thermal conductivity group (WLG 032), the special insulating material used allows reduced insulation thicknesses combined with impact sound insulation. This means that a panel height of just 25 millimeters is sufficient to insulate ceilings between living spaces in accordance with regulations. For applications in both new construction and refurbishment, the Quick Energy tacker system offers a wide range of possible applications thanks to the combination of its technical properties.