Roth Original Tacker Ex clips

for "the plus" in efficiency, comfort and safety

Roth Original Tacker Ex clips for all around energy transmission

The Roth Original Tacker Ex clips has a pipe lifting function that ensures a defined piercing depth in the insulation layer, irrespective of the pipe dimension. This ensures improved distribution of energy, as the screed always fully encloses the pipe, even with viscous flowing screed. In combination with the double barb, this results in x-fold energy-plus quality in terms of efficiency, comfort and safety.

Double barbs for more ease of installation, highest tear-out resistance and unique holding force

The lower barb of the Roth Original Tacker Eclip is highly stable and also has a sharp cutting edge, while the barb above it is particularly elastic. This special technology optimises ease of assembly.

The double barb ensures optimum tear-out resistance, maximum holding force and a secure and positionally accurate hold of the pipes in the Roth system composite panels and rolls - even in harsh construction site conditions.


Pipe lifting function

  • screed completely surrounds the pipe
  • ideal transfer and distribution of heat and cooling

Double barb

  • highest tear-out resistance
  • first-class holding force
  • optimised assembly friendliness

Scientifically confirmed

The independent studies conducted by the Institute for Methodical Analyses confirm the high practical suitability and standard conformity of the Roth Original Tacker Ex clips. The pipe lifting function on the Ex clips enables faster reaction and control behavior of the underfloor heating system in the event of temperature changes. Measurements show that the floor structure heats up faster by up to 15 percent thanks to the pipe lifting function.


Roth Original Tacker® Ex clips

For "the plus" in efficiency

The Roth Original Tacker system for installing system pipes on insulation is the most widely used installation system for underfloor heating. Scientific studies and test series now prove the energy efficiency of the Roth Original Tacker Ex clip as well as the advantages of its pipe lifting function.