Roth Original Tacker Speedstar

from experts for the practice

Faster installation speed with the Roth Original Tacker Speedstar

With its slim casing and a weight of only two kilograms, the Roth Original Tacker Speedstar scores with a capacity of 135 Roth Original Tacker Ex-clips. The magazine is loaded quickly and easily by inserting the welded clip magazines from above. This significantly reduces the number of times the magazine has to be loaded during pipe laying.

Due to the spring support, there is no need to lift the Tacker during the installation. The molded-in slope in the housing allows easy sliding over the clip afterwards. An extremely short stroke path makes for force-saving and time-efficient pipe fixing. Roth Original Tacker Speedstar is height-adjustable and can be adapted to any users height. The tacker handle also ensures optimal force application and safe handling.

  1. ergonomic handle
  2. captive tracking weight
  3. detachable clamps and fitting screw for easy maintenance
  4. no lifting of the tacker due to spring support and slope in the tacker housing
  5. collar screw with pressure pin for exact positioning of the ball spring
  • spring-supported
  • ergonomic
  • easy to maintain