System solutions for passageways

everything regulated with Roth Floorfix

Optimally tempered passage rooms

Very often, heating circuit distributors are located in hallways or in the corridor area. All surrounding rooms usually have a room temperature of at least 20 °C (24 °C bathroom), so that it is not always possible to ensure a room temperature below 20 °C in the corridor or hallway when the room is used as intended. There is no or only a minimal heating load in these rooms.

Rooms smaller than 6 m², e.g. storerooms, where individual room control is not required according to the GEG specifications, must also be protected from overheating or excessive surface temperatures.

Roth Floorfix®, the system solution for passageways, fulfils these regulations. The system ensures controlled heat dissipation and the controllability of room temperatures in passageways.

Impact sound insulation and heat transfer properties unaffected

The specified impact sound improvement of the Roth EPS DES system panels is not adversely affected by the cuts for embedding the piping. This was tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart.

Rooms in which heating circuit manifolds for radiant heating are installed or rooms through which a large number of supply lines for heating circuits of other rooms pass must be protected against overheating due to uncontrolled heat emission from the supply lines. Likewise, the controllability of the room temperature must be ensured in accordance with GEG § 63 paragraph 1.

Regulated heat through Roth Floorfix

The use of Roth Floorfix minimises the unwanted and uncontrollable heat emission from the supply lines passing through. The passage room can be equipped with a separate heating circuit with convenient individual room control.

  • simple installation
  • variable system solution
  • impact sound insulation confirmed
  • no additional installation height

Unique planning and installation service from Roth on request

Roth supports its partners in the skilled crafts sector right from the planning phase with advice and project planning for Roth Floorfix - right through to the installation plan and, if required, with installation service. 

Roth is able to use Linear to plan the passageways and calculate them with the correct values. This is unique at this point in time.