Lotter-Roth thermal system

Innovative room air conditioning with the LRT system

An idea designed to make you feel good: Heating and cooling via the ceiling

Wouldn't it be nice if there was the perfect heater? A heating system that not only produces heat, but can also cool in summer? One that is highly cost-saving, contributes to climate protection, and is completely uncomplicated to operate? With the Lotter-Roth thermal system (LRT) for individually manufactured concrete elements/precast ceilings, this wish has become reality. LRT makes use of the storage capacity of concrete ceilings in residential and commercial buildings and uses them as large-area heat exchangers for heating and cooling the building.

A feel-good idea: Heating and cooling via the ceiling

Impressively easy, simply captivating:

The LRT technology

The functional principle of the Lotter-Roth thermal system is very simple: A piping system installed close to the surface in prefabricated ceiling elements tempers the entire ceiling surface and thus provides pleasant heat and cold radiation from above. LRT is based on technologies proven over decades and represents the consistent further development of conventional concrete core temperature control systems.

Cozy warmth in the winter

Radiant heat, as we know it from the sun, is perceived as very pleasant by most people. The Lotter-Roth thermal system makes use of this principle: a pipe system invisibly embedded in the concrete ceiling with a closed water circuit tempers the rooms with gentle radiant heat from above. The heat is distributed evenly and draft-free in every corner of the room and thus contributes significantly to personal well-being.
Heating cannot be more natural and comfortable!

Effective cooling in summer

Until now, the air conditioning of rooms has been one of the more expensive luxury equipment. The reason for this is that classic refrigeration technology is cost-intensive and consumes a relatively large amount of energy during operation.
consumes relatively large amounts of energy. With the Lotter-Roth thermal system, a new era is dawning here as well: The pipe system in the storey ceiling, through which cold water flows, absorbs the heat in the room air and thus cools it down by up to 5° C without any additional technical effort - which has been proven to increase performance and well-being. Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, which cause very large air movements in the room during the cooling process, LRT cools without air movement, without disturbing noise and in an energy-saving manner.

More freedom in construction

The Lotter-Roth thermal system can replace radiators and is another system solution for radiant heating and cooling systems. The LRT allows almost any two-dimensional floor plan and including corresponding breakthroughs, openings and recesses in the precast elements. Look forward to more valuable living and usable space, more opportunities for creative building in commercial and office properties, and a thoroughly positive energy and cost balance!