Roth system pipes

Always on the safe side with S5 CoEx technology

Roth system pipes - the right solution for every application

The selection of the right pipe system depends on the respective building object and the needs of the building owner. According to the object-specific requirement profile for the radiant heating and cooling system, you get the perfect solution with pipes in proven and unique S5 CoEx technology. Thanks to fivefold coextrusion in a single production run, the sandwich material of Roth system pipes ensures optimum adhesion between the pipe layers. Roth offers the following system pipes with the highest quality standards:

  • X-PERT S5+
  • Alu-Laserflex
  • ClimaComfort S5

All pipes are manufactured using the proven and unique 5-layer CoEx technology. As a result, they are inseparably bonded to each other, creating a sandwich material with high resistance and durability.

5 layers - 5 securities

Roth system pipes offer maximum resistance due to their mechanical, thermal and chemical properties:

  • Protection of the EVOH oxygen barrier layer against mechanical damage and harmful external influences such as heat and moisture,
  • highest resistance to deformation caused by punctual mechanical load,
  • the trade of radiant heating and cooling systems is optimally protected for subsequent tradesmen in accordance with the German Contracting Rules for the Award of Public Works Contracts (VOB),
  • long service life due to the avoidance of oxygen exchange,
  • optimised linear expansion in the narrow tolerance field due to the 5 layers.

All layers of Roth system pipes are coextruded and then crosslinked

  • quality through 5 layers "S5"
  • system competence
  • perfect for all requirements

Interactive networking through innovative and patented manufacturing process

In a patented production process, all five layers of the DUOPEX S5 system pipe are coextruded and then crosslinked throughout. This ensures that molecular bonds provide absolute stability of the 5-layer pipe, not only in the individual layers but also between them. Crosslinking improves the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of the DUOPEX S5® system pipe and ensures additional safety reserves.

All good things come in ... 5.
The pipes are the cores of a perfectly planned and optimally functioning radiant heating and cooling system.
Benefit fivefold from a professional system. The Roth pipe philosophy makes it possible. Because the Roth DUOPEX S5, X-PERT S5+ and ClimaComfort S5 system pipes, with their five-layer structure, guarantee five tangible benefits for your success. All pipes are manufactured using proven and unique 5-layer CoEx technology.

Roth system pipes

Roth DUOPEX S5 system pipe - the solution for every application with the highest demand

The 5-layer Roth DUOPEX S5 system pipe defies maximum strain. The pipe meets the highest requirements, even in concrete core temperature control and industrial construction. A continuous load of 95 °C at an operating pressure of 6 bar and a short-term temperature rise to 110 °C is no problem for the continuously interactively cross-linked Roth DUOPEX S5 system pipe.

Roth system pipes X-PERT S5+, PERTEX S5 and ClimaComfort S5

- the solution for the low-temperature range with the highest demands.
The highly flexible 5-layer Roth system pipes in combination with Roth system panels result in a demand-optimised system for the low-temperature range. The high level of refinement of the material of the Roth system pipes are designed with a safety plus for a continuous temperature load of 70 °C and a short-term temperature load of 100 °C. The system pipes are permanently pressure-resistant up to 6 bar with multiple safety reserves.

Roth Alu-Laserflex system pipe - dimensionally stable and diffusion-tight

The certified Alu-Laserflex system pipe is predestined for dry construction. The aluminum layer of the 5-layer system pipe serves as stabilisation and ensures oxygen tightness. The red outer layer made of PE is the protective layer for the inner pipe.

Approval No. 3V203 PE-Xc
Approval No. 3V266 PE-RT
Approval No. 3V331 PE-RT