Roth sports and sprung floor heating

- for all sports floor constructions

For area-elastic sprung floors, Roth offers a specially developed solution of the pipefix system. The support elements for holding and securely fixing the system pipes at the calculated laying distance consist of a prefabricated plastic profile with integrated pipe holders. By means of coordinated fastening brackets, the support elements of the Roth pipefix system can be optimally integrated into the respective sprung floor construction, regardless of the insulation layer selected. Installation directly on the insulation layer or the existing subfloor is also possible. The system is modular and consists of only a few system components with a high degree of prefabrication. Combination with the different sprung floor constructions of the various sports floor manufacturers is possible. Architects, planners and structural engineers are given the design freedom they need to realise any type of utilisation option.

System structure (from bottom to top)

  • Load-bearing base
  • Moisture barrier layer according to DIN 18195
  • Height compensation
  • Roth insulation board PU 36 mm with Roth pipefix system and Roth system pipe DUOPEX S5® 20 mm (arrangement between height compensation)
  • Spring element
  • Double swing beam
  • Blind floor module
  • Sports parquet module


  • flexibility in the object-specific construction structure of the floor as well as the insulation layers
  • Roth system solutions can be integrated into all sports and sprung floor constructions
  • optimal comfort and ideal surface temperatures
  • pipefix support elements made of prefabricated high-quality plastic
  • integrated pipe supports and optional components for installation in sprung floors
  • fast realisation of large temperature control surfaces
  • easy to install and maintain
  • heavy-duty, solid Roth system pipes in proven S5 CoEx technology
  • energy-efficient system solution for temperature control in sports and multifunctional halls