Roth large area applications

Pipefix industrial and outdoor heating

Roth pipefix system - able to withstand all loads

The pipefix system simultaneously offers flexibility in pipe laying and the pipe dimensions from 20 to 25 mm with regard to laying forms and laying distances. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be easily installed in all floor, wall and ceiling constructions specified by the customer and adapted to individual project requirements.

The Roth pipefix system is used wherever individual project-specific requirements are placed on the installation technology of the pipes for the radiant heating and cooling systems. In addition to residential construction, the system is used in industrial halls, business and office premises, exhibitions, museums, universities, schools, churches, sports and multifunctional halls, open space and turf heating systems in stadium constructions.

System structure (from bottom to top)

Industrial panel heating

  1. Base course (clean layer)
  2. Moisture barrier layer according to DIN 18195
  3. Load-distributing concrete layer with lower reinforcement layer
  4. Roth pipefix system and Roth system pipe DUOPEX S5® 25 mm

Approval-No. 7F386-F

Roth industrial panel heating - withstanding even high static requirements

For high load requirements in halls where heavy machinery is located, forklifts and trucks are in operation, aircraft are maintained or high-bay warehouses and logistics centers are operated, a high-performance floor structure is necessary. A Roth industrial floor heating system also saves energy thanks to low flow temperatures of the heating water. Pleasant temperatures in the occupied zone, which decrease towards the ceiling, create an optimum room temperature profile.
Process and waste heat from production can be ideally used to heat the Roth industrial panel heating system. This minimises operating costs and the investment costs pay for themselves after only a short time. Roth industrial panel heating can be integrated into all ceiling and floor structures specified by the statics and is suitable for all types of concrete (reinforced concrete, steel fiber concrete, rolled concrete).

Roth outdoor heating

The Roth outdoor heating system is designed for environmentally friendly snow and ice control on parking decks, driveway ramps, car wash areas or open spaces in pedestrian zones. Safety for pedestrians and vehicles is guaranteed without the use of gritting materials. The expense of gritting and clearing services is eliminated.

  • flexible pipe laying
  • efficient floor construction
  • saves energy due to low flow temperatures
  • optimal room temperature profile