Roth milling system

Ready to go without additional assembly

Milling technology in existing screed

By milling in-floor heating pipes, radiant heating can also be implemented in existing properties without changing the existing screed height. With the help of a special floor milling machine, the channels for the system pipe are milled into the existing screed. This applies to cement, anhydride and mastic asphalt screeds. Thus, after inserting the system pipes into the pre-milled channels, the floor covering can be applied directly. Prior to this, an inspection by the specialist tradesman (Roth installation service) is required. Milling is usually carried out in the existing screed, but can also be carried out in new construction. The channels are milled at the agreed laying distance or according to calculation. The minimum thickness of the screed is 40 millimeters.

  • minimal structural requirements - no core renovation of the existing screed necessary
  • door and window sill heights remain unchanged
  • nearly dust-free laying
  • optimal heat distribution
  • fast reaction time due to low installation height
  • reduction of flow temperatures and water quantities
  • use of new heating technologies in existing buildings
  • minimal structural requirements
  • no additional floor construction
  • fast commissioning

"Carefree all-around" with Roth

From the planning to the realisation of the radiant heating, Roth is your contact. Roth takes care of simple, smooth processing for you.
The installation teams work in close coordination with you and ensure the highest quality. The teams document the installation and record the pressure test.

Roth provides security

Advice, planning, materials and installation: with Roth, everything comes from a single source!


The run down

  • Installer contacts Roth sales representative or Roth installation service
  • Roth prepares planning documents and material offer
  • Roth installation service provides installation quotation
  • Clarification of questions concerning the realisation by the installation service
  • Materials are supplied by the desired wholesaler
  • Professional assembly by trained assembly teams
  • Delivery of assembly documentation (print logs, distributor labeling, measurements, photo documentation)
  • Calculation of the installation by Roth directly to the installer:
  • Roth is contract/warranty partner

Services of the Roth assembly service

  • Checking the thickness of the screed
  • Channel milling in the existing screed at the agreed laying distance
  • Laying the system pipes in the channels
  • Connection of the system pipes to the heating circuit distributor
  • Leak test of the heating circuits and preparation of leak test report
  • Labeling of the heating circuit distributor
  • Picture documentation
  • Handover of the system documents/documentation
  • Roth system warranty