Roth knob system

flexible, easy, perfect

High flexibility in the system

The Roth knob system is characterised by high flexibility and ease of installation.

The undercut and the geometry of the individual studs allow easy installation and secure fixing of the system pipes. The underfoaming of the individual knobs creates an extremely stable laying surface that is easy to walk on. Diagonal installation of Roth system pipes is facilitated by the diagonal fastening.

System structure (from bottom to top)

  1. Load-bearing base
  2. Roth knob panel 14-17 mm EPS DES 30-2
  3. Roth system pipe X-PERT S5®+, ø 14 to 17 mm
  4. Screed according to DIN 18560
  5. Floor covering
  • flexible
  • easy to install
  • optimal knob contour
  • orthogonal and diagonal installation
  • low-waste, environmentally friendly installation

Roth radiant heating and cooling

Roth knob panels and equipment

For use in properties with increased load requirements, Roth offers the knob panel with high load-bearing capacity and low structure:

  • The special geometry of the knob and its arrangement forms the perfect basis for laying Roth system pipes - even at low outside temperatures.
  • The Roth system pipe is pressed into the knobs with the foot without any further tools and audibly locks securely into place.
  • Suitable for all Roth system pipes from ø 14 mm to ø 17 mm.
  • The door area between two rooms is easy to bridge with the Roth compensating knob in conjunction with the Roth compensating knob film.
  • When every millimeter of construction height counts, the Roth knob panel 14-17 EPS DEO 10 can also be used in the modernisation of residential buildings.

Approval No. 7F396-F
Approval No. 7F399-F

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Roth knob panels

  • available in EPS qualities EPS DES 30-2 (1450 x 950 x 50 mm) and EPS DEO 10 (1450 x 950 x 30 mm)
  • carrier panel and cover foil made of polystyrene, building material class B2
  • knob grid 5 cm: all laying distances and shapes in 5 cm grid are possible
  • effective laying area/board: 1.26 m2
  • factory assembled into one unit
  • two-sided overlapping to connect the elements with each other
  • impact sound improvement

Roth knob film 14 to 17 mm - high quality and stable

Roth knob film 14 to 17 mm is suitable for laying on insulation provided by the customer.This is ideal if, for example, the insulation is already in place in modernisation projects and only a low installation height is provided. The high-performance Roth knob film is designed for high load requirements and can also be used, for example, for industrial heating systems.