Comfort ceilings for heating and cooling

Roth ComfoTop comfort ceilings

Intelligent temperature control. Ecological thinking. Free planning.

The comfort ceilings designed as a closed system for cooling and heating create a pleasant indoor climate. The predominant part of the power output takes place via radiation. The resulting low radiation asymmetry of the room-enclosing surfaces has a positive influence on the user's feeling of comfort. Depending on the selected medium temperatures, Roth ceiling solutions can be used for cooling or heating.

Experts know the decisive criteria for a modern cooling and heating system: high user comfort, energy savings and hygiene plus maximum architectural design freedom.

Roth's innovative comfort ceilings for cooling and heating meet all the previously mentioned criteria: They are based on the principle of "silent cooling" and thus produce comfortable warmth in winter and pleasantly cool room temperatures in summer. Roth system solutions enable the realisation of various object-specific installation situations.

Thanks to the variability of the various system solutions, even unusual floor plans can be realised. Roth comfort ceilings thus create maximum architectural design freedom and enable optimum distribution of cooling and heating.

The unique Roth brand promise applies: top quality and reliability from production to project planning and installation.


The functioning of Roth comfort ceilings is based on the fact that the surface temperature is set a few degrees below or above the room temperature.

Due to the exchange of radiation with the ceiling, the temperatures of the room enclosing surfaces change. The total power is obtained by 2/3 radiant component and 1/3 natural convection. The power output is determined by the difference between the room temperature and the average surface temperature. A high temperature difference means high power output. Due to the individually plannable size of Roth comfort ceilings, inactive ceiling areas can be reduced to a minimum.


Effective in summer - comfortable in winter

Effective cooling in summer
The pipe system of Roth comfort ceilings, through which cold water flows, absorbs the heat in the room air and cools it down without any additional technical effort - energy-saving, without air movement, without disturbing noise.

Comfortable warmth in winter
Roth comfort ceilings imitate the natural radiant heat of the sun. A pipe system invisibly embedded in the ceiling construction with a closed water circuit tempers the rooms with gentle radiant heat from above. The heat is distributed evenly and draft-free to every corner of the room.

  • individual continuous laying without connecting fittings
  • low weight per unit area

Roth ComfoTop comfort ceilings - as clever as it is ingenious

Simple and individual continuous laying for all room geometries

The Roth ComfoTop comfort ceilings for cooling and heating make things easier than ever for architects and planners. The system requires no elaborate planning or prefabrication. On the contrary, it enables simple and individual continuous installation without connecting fittings all the way to the manifold. This minimises the risk of water damage to almost zero. Furthermore, site-related changes can be made at any time during installation (e.g. ceiling fixtures, lights).

Roth ComfoTop comfort ceilings - maximum design freedom

Thanks to its flexibility, the ComfoTop comfort ceiling is easy to install. Ceiling designs specified by the building site can be implemented effortlessly with the free pipe routing for all building requirements. The ComfoTop comfort ceiling system has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 14240 "Cooling capacity" and DIN EN 14037 "Heating capacity". The low weight per unit area and the reduced installation height are special features of the system. The right solution for all room geometries.

  • no complex planning
  • endless laying
  • reduced installation height
  • no prefabrication necessary
  • individual pipe laying according to object-specific conditions
  • individual installations (e.g. lighting/audio systems) possible
  • adaptations without module or channel changes
  • effective laying of the ceiling area

Roth comfort ceiling panel system

The ceiling as an energy surface, especially for cooling

The Roth ClimaComfort panel system is a proven Roth system for comfort ceilings. The system is usually installed underneath the drywall construction and allows individual adaptation to different room geometries. The shape of the ClimaComfort panel allows safe and easy pipe installation. The dimensions of the 25 millimeter high panels are matched to the drywall standard (625 x 1200 mm) and can be tailored to all room dimensions as required. The system pipe is simply snapped into place at an installation distance of 10 centimeters. The head element, which is inserted into the system panel, is used to deflect the pipe.

The ClimaComfort panel consists of an EPS support plate that is firmly connected to an aluminum heat conducting plate. This enables a uniform and fast transfer of the cooling or heating energy.

Roth comfort ceiling panel system - highly efficient and fast

The tested Roth ClimaComfort panel system transforms ceilings into highly efficient and fast-responding energy surfaces for cooling and heating. Roth offers one type of panel for all applications. With maximum comfort, storage and installation costs are reduced to a minimum.

  • energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and fast-reacting surface temperature control
  • reduction of energy demand
  • short installation times
  • low weight per unit area
  • easy snap-in of the system pipes
  • free pipe and surface layout
  • system-integrated thermal insulation

Roth ComfoTop comfort ceilings version M

Highly decorative surfaces thanks to the metal cartridge solution

The Roth comfort ceiling ComfoTop variant M is characterised by a highly decorative metal surface. The cassette dimensions in specific grids result in a closed and homogeneous ceiling.

The coordinated components of the substructure enable simple, standardised and fast assembly of the system. Desired fixtures and diffusers, e.g. lights, audio systems, are possible and must be taken into account during project planning.

  • highly decorative surface in different designs and colors
  • high power output
  • besides standard dimensions further variable dimensions on request
  • easy cleaning of the surface
  • integrated inspection opening
  • high sound absorption to improve room acoustics

Planning service

Service from project planning to realisation

Modern project management through cross-trade cooperation

The Roth team ensures optimal timing in:

  • planning
  • production
  • delivery
  • installation of the comfort ceilings

Roth also coordinates with all parties involved in the project and ensures cross-trade coordination. After approval of the working drawings, the Roth team prepares the project planning. This contains precise information about:

  • design variant of the Roth comfort ceilings for cooling and heating
  • size and arrangement of the comfort ceiling
  • installation spacing and installation form
  • hydraulic data
  • performance data

As the interface between the project managers and planning offices, the building contractors and the heating engineers carrying out the work, the Roth team ensures professional project management. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures quality.