Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system for sports floor heating

fast realisation of large temperature control surfaces

Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system for sports floor structures

In addition to classic sprung floor heating systems, Roth also offers appropriate system solutions for surface temperature control for all other sports floor constructions. Surface-elastic sports floors with an elastic layer (sandwich construction) are realised with the Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system or the Roth ClimaComfort panel system. Mixed-elastic sports floors of construction types A and B in accordance with DIN V 18032-2 can also be implemented in a standard-compliant and practical manner in combination with the various Roth system solutions for radiant heating and cooling systems.

System structure (from bottom to top)

  1. Load-bearing base
  2. Moisture barrier layer according to DIN 18195
  3. Height compensation
  4. Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system board PS 30 SE
  5. Roth heat conducting lamella
  6. Roth Alu-Laserflex 14 mm system pipe
  7. Roth PE cover sheet
  8. Cover sheet
  9. Sports floor elastic layer
  10. Plywood board
  11. Plywood board
  12. Top layer (sports and multi-purpose flooring)
  1. flexibility in object-specific design
  2. optimal comfort
  3. ideal surface temperatures
  4. pipefix support elements for sprung floors
  5. fast realisation
  6. easy to install and maintain
  7. heavy-duty Roth system pipes
  8. energy-efficient system solution