Roth ClimaComfort panel system

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All-round well-being in old and new constructions

The Roth ClimaComfort panel system transforms floors, walls and ceilings into highly efficient and fast-responding energy surfaces for heating and cooling. Roth offers one type of panel for all applications. With maximum comfort, storage and installation costs are kept to a minimum.
Unlike conventional wall-mounted radiators, the Roth ClimaComfort panel system provides a pleasant indoor climate with uniform radiant heat from all sides. Almost the entire room enclosure area can be used for air conditioning. This provides the option of heating via the floor and/or wall in winter and cooling via the ceiling and/or wall in summer.

Economical energy consumption and ideal combination with Roth heat pumps
The system's particularly energy-saving mode of operation in the case of heating up to a flow temperature of 35 °C is ideally matched to the Roth heat pump. Coupled with intelligent control, this results in enormous energy-saving potential. With Roth heat pumps, Roth has a holistic energy concept especially for modernisation and new construction.

System structure (from bottom to top)

  1. existing load-bearing base
  2. existing insulation
  3. existing screed
  4. Roth ClimaComfort® panel 16
  5. Roth system pipe X-PERT S5®+ 16 mm
  6. Tile adhesive
  7. Floor covering (load-bearing tiles)
  • energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and fast-reacting surface temperature control
  • reduction of energy demand
  • short installation times
  • low weight per unit area
  • easy snap-in of the system pipes
  • free pipe and surface layout

The design of the ClimaComfort panel enables safe and easy pipe installation. The dimensions of the 25 millimeter high panels are matched to the dry construction standard (625 x 1200 mm) and can be cut to fit all room dimensions as required. The system pipe is simply snapped into place at an installation distance of 10 centimeters. The head element, which is inserted into the system panel, is used to deflect the pipe.

The ClimaComfort panel consists of an EPS support panel that is firmly connected to an aluminum heat conducting plate. This enables uniform and rapid transfer of heating or cooling energy.

The dry construction method ensures short installation times (no drying phases) and the optimally matched system components guarantee maximum reaction speed of the ClimaComfort panel system.

Wall and ceiling
For wall and ceiling installations, the ClimaComfort panels in size 14 mm can be easily mounted on standard stud constructions. On the outer wall, the construction can then be easily "back-filled" with suitable insulation materials.

In addition to the ClimaComfort panel in size 14, size 16 mm can also be used for floor construction.


Approval No. 7F309-F/D/W

Fraunhofer Institute confirms comfort of the ClimaComfort panel system

The positive effects of covering exterior walls first, are shown by the results of a comfort study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP). It also shows that the temperature apron eliminates the disturbing influence of thermal bridges. If there is a greater demand for heating or cooling, the interior walls can also be covered.

Dimension 16 - specially designed for the floor

The Roth ClimaComfort panel system dimension 16 is specially designed for floors and allows even larger heating surfaces due to its large pipe cross-section. Mounting on walls and ceilings, on the other hand, is not possible. Due to the component design, the energy surfaces can be individually adapted to the respective room structure and optimally used. If there is a lack of installation height in the floor area or if floors are worth preserving, the use of the Roth ClimaComfort panel system 14 on walls and ceilings is a sensible solution due to the low installation height.

Flooring directly installable

Floor installations with the Roth ClimaComfort panel system can be covered directly with tiles or parquet together with suitable adhesive materials. Likewise, a parquet floor can be applied directly to the Roth ClimaComfort panel system. The wood flooring must be approved by the manufacturer for use with underfloor heating systems.

The ceiling as an additional energy surface

If the floor and walls of the room do not cover the energy demand, the ceiling can be included. The ceiling occupancy is useful, especially when developing the attic.

Installation video Roth ClimaComfort panel system

The Roth ClimaComfort panel system transforms floors, walls and ceilings into highly efficient and fast-acting energy surfaces for heating and cooling. Thanks to the component design, the energy surfaces can be individually adapted to the respective room structure and optimally used.