Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system

low build up and flexible laying

The solution for modernisation and new construction

The Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system is predestined for use in old and new buildings and can be installed in all types of buildings such as residential, office and commercial buildings or in other buildings with comparable use. Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system is particularly suitable for renovations or construction projects in which wet screed may not be used, such as in listed buildings. Drying times, as with screeds, do not have to be observed.  Due to its low weight per unit area and low installation height, Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system is also ideal for use in conversion work in attics or on wooden joist ceilings. Thanks to the installation structure of the system panel, the radiant heating can also be easily adapted to complicated room geometries. The laying grid can be used horizontally, vertically and even diagonally as required. The system is registered and monitored by DIN CERTCO. It is characterised by its low installation height, low weight per unit area, quick commissioning and fast response time.

System structure (from bottom to top)

  1. Load-bearing base
  2. Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system panel PS 30 SE
  3. Roth heat conducting lamella
  4. Roth Alu-Laserflex 14 mm system pipe
  5. Roth PE covering foil
  6. Dry screed element (25 mm)
  7. Floor covering
  • ideal for modernisation
  • easy and flexible installation
  • low weight per unit area
  • heat conducting lamellas made of high performance aluminum
  • suitable for wet and dry construction
  • flexible pipe laying and laying direction

Universally applicable components for flexible solutions

The Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system optimally meets the requirements for installations in renovation projects. It scores with a minimum installation height of 25 millimeters for the 14 and 16 millimeter pipe cross sections.

It can be installed on existing, level and load-bearing floor coverings as well as on wooden beam constructions. The perfectly matched components guarantee an ideal overall system from Roth.

Approval No. 7F402-F

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Just one type of system panel for all applications

For an easy installation, only one system panel type is used. This ensures a simple, safe and time-saving installation. The Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system panels can be combined with each other in all directions in a 30-centimeter grid and can be cut to size to suit the room geometry. A special groove/nose system ensures that the system panels can be laid and aligned in the correct position.

The panel structure allows the heat-conducting lamellas to be fixed easily and securely in different directions. The Roth Alu-Laserflex 14 and 16 millimeter system pipes can thus be laid horizontally, vertically and diagonally. This makes the system particularly suitable for modernisation projects and allows great architectural design freedom, even in difficult room situations.

Heat conducting panels made of high-performance aluminum for the optimum heating performance

The baffles made of high-performance aluminum ensure particularly good heat transfer. The heat conducting fins have predetermined breaking points for adjustment to the desired lengths. The smallest possible laying distance for the Roth Alu-Laserflex system pipe is 15 centimeters.

Roth Alu-Laserflex system pipe - dimensionally stable and diffusion-tight

The certified Alu-Laserflex system pipe is predestined for dry construction. The aluminum layer of the 5-layer system pipe serves as stabilisation and ensures oxygen tightness. The red outer layer made of PE is the protective layer for the inner pipe.

Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system installation video

The Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system is a hot water underfloor heating system designed for dry installation in accordance with DIN EN 1264. The low installation height and low weight per unit area make the Roth ClimaComfort dry construction system ideal for use in renovation projects. It is ideal for radiant heating and cooling systems underneath dry screed panels or similar load distribution layers. Subject to certain installation conditions, it can also be used for installation under wet screeds.