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Sustainable, healthy living with products from the hinterland

Not only energy-efficient and resource-saving, but also certified sustainable and healthy living: The patented tacker system from Buchenau-based Roth Werke has been certified with the state "Quality Seal for Sustainable Buildings" (QNG).

In addition, the main components of the Roth radiant heating and cooling system meet the highest standards of healthy living and sustainability.  This is confirmed by the seal of the "Sentinel Haus" institute, which has tested the components from Buchenau for emissions and pollutants.

"An important step for us and, above all, for our customers: Healthy living and sustainability are increasingly taking centre stage in new build and renovation projects," said Christin Roth-Jäger, Managing Director of Roth Werke, at the certificate presentation. This is because the state QNG seal is a prerequisite for BEG funding ("Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings"), particularly for new-build projects. The criteria laid down by the Federal Ministry of Construction range from the production to the subsequent recycling of the materials used and their impact on health.

"Thanks to our QNG-ready certification, planning offices and building owners are on the safe side if they are aiming for the QNG seal for their new buildings and want to use our solutions," explained Rüdiger Heinz, Head of Energy Systems Sales.

In addition, four Roth system components were subjected to the strict tests of the "Sentinel Haus" institute. The established institute is regarded as the market leader in the industry for healthy living in the construction, modernisation and operation of properties. The specialists test building products for their freedom from emissions according to their own transparent criteria. "All information must come from recognised institutes and is checked again by the Sentinel Haus experts," said Michael Georg, Head of Roth Product Technology, explaining the complex process. "This enables the safe realisation of construction projects with high health-related quality criteria."

"We are very proud that key elements of our panel heating and cooling systems have been certified twice," said Managing Director Christin Roth-Jäger, "anyone who wants to build or renovate in a sustainable and healthy way is on the safe side with Roth products."