One brand, many strengths

Space always works, and there are niches everywhere

Energy-efficient refurbishment with system solutions from Roth Werke: possible in any old building.
A heat pump solution for the half-timbered house? Underfloor heating instead of radiators in the 60s detached house? And would a new heat storage tank fit into the low cellar?

The tried-and-tested specialists at Roth Werke have a clear answer to these and many other questions relating to the energy-efficient refurbishment of existing properties: Yes!

"Many homeowners want underfloor heating - because of its efficiency and cosiness, but also because it can be optimally combined with a heat pump," reports Rüdiger Heinz, Sales Manager for Energy Systems at the Central Hesse-based manufacturer. "And next comes the question of the heat storage tank - because choosing the right storage tank for hot water and heating water is essential for efficient energy utilisation, especially when using renewable energies."

With its comprehensive refurbishment solutions, Roth Werke offers an efficiency-optimised system that is individually tailored to each property and not only increases living comfort and cosiness within your own four walls, but also reduces energy costs and contributes to climate protection.

New Roth heat pump is particularly compact

With the right planning, most existing properties can be equipped with a heat pump solution efficiently and in line with requirements. The experts from Roth ServiceXtra, the tried-and-tested service package from the long-established company, are on hand to provide advice.

Roth heat pumps require little space, are very efficient and whisper-quiet in operation. Thanks to their compact design and virtually silent operation, they make planning for renovation projects even more flexible: "Our new Roth AuraCompact FR fits into the smallest of niches," reports Rüdiger Heinz.

And what to do with the energy?

There are also innovations with regard to storage: The popular and proven Roth Thermotank family has been expanded specifically for renovation projects. The new Roth Thermotank Quadroline 400 litre plastic heat storage tank makes every renovation project even more convenient with a modern storage tank. Thanks to its low height of just 1640 mm and the low tipping dimension due to its design, it can even be easily installed in low cellar rooms. In conjunction with the extremely reduced weight, which is only a third of the weight of a conventional steel cylinder, installation is also no problem in the vast majority of cases - and certainly not with the new, even lower 400 litre version.

It's the height that counts

When it comes to energy distribution, Roth can offer decades of expertise and a wide selection of radiant heating and cooling systems for floors, walls and ceilings. The following applies in particular to renovation projects: the installation height should be as low as possible. The Roth product programme includes solutions for installation in dry or wet construction.

Roth Werke supplies the ClimaComfort panel system for floors, walls and ceilings. For installation on the floor, the ClimaComfort compact system with an installation height of just 17 millimetres and the ClimaComfort dry construction system with an installation height of just 25 millimetres are available. For installation on the ceiling, the programme includes the ComfoTop comfort ceilings.

Milling system gains popularity

The Roth milling system for installing a radiant heating and cooling system is still relatively new on the market, but is becoming increasingly popular. Without changing the existing screed height, the underfloor heating is milled into the screed using a special floor milling machine. After inserting the system pipes into the pre-milled channels, the floor covering is applied.

Regardless of the particular solution, it's the interaction that counts. "The Roth system solutions link the product systems from regenerative energy generation to economical energy storage and energy distribution to form an efficient complete system," emphasises Managing Director Christin Roth-Jäger, "all components of the overall system are optimally coordinated and ensure maximum energy efficiency with maximum user comfort." A new brochure also provides information on Roth system solutions for refurbishment, which is available in the information centre on the Roth Werke website: