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Roth heating oil tanks are 'Green Fuels Ready' - Roth Werke expands its range of sustainable energy systems and creates future-proof solution for oil heating systems

Full focus on sustainability with the greatest possible development power in the relevant future technologies: Roth Werke in central Hesse shows that its own aspirations are by no means mutually exclusive, but rather produce promising solutions.  

The manufacturer of energy and sanitary systems therefore not only has heat pump systems and solar solutions on offer, but is also actively researching the field of alternative synthetic fuels, the so-called "Green Fuels". With success: the Roth "KWT" heating oil tanks and the associated "Füllstar" filling system have been officially approved by the German Institute for Construction Technology for use with these alternative fuels, thus underlining the use of "Green Fuels".

Today's tank creates safety for the heating of tomorrow

"This is a milestone for our heating oil tank division," emphasise Business Unit Manager Christian Rossbach and Product Manager Daniel Reitz, "so that we can offer consumers a future-proof solution in a turbulent political situation.

The current draft of the Building Energy Act (GEG) stipulates that gas and oil heating systems installed between 1 January 2024 and 1 July 2026 or 2028 must be operated with increasing proportions of biogas or bio-oil from 2029: 15 percent from 2029, 30 percent from 2035 and 60 percent from 2040. The specifications refer to the installation date and also include heating systems ordered after 19 April 2023 but not installed until 2024. In accordance with the requirements of the GEG, in addition to the qualification for synthetic fuels, the increase in the use of bio-oil from (B15) to (B30) in the approval of the heating oil tank and filling system was also implemented. "Anyone who installs a heating oil tank from Roth Werke today is therefore safely positioned for the oil heating of tomorrow," says Christian Rossbach.

The Roth "KWT" double-walled plastic tank is an all-plastic product with an inner tank and integrated polyethylene (PE-HD) collection tray. In the Roth "DWT" double-walled tank, an integrated collection tray made of fully galvanised sheet steel encloses the PE tank. This steel-plastic composite solution has proven itself for more than 30 years and is still considered up-to-date. Roth also offers a fully encased tank with ADR approval, which can therefore be used as a transport container.


Synthetic fuels offer numerous advantages

The Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Construction Technology) certifies the Roth heating oil tank's unrestricted suitability for alternative fuels in accordance with DIN EN 15940 and DIN/TS 51603-8: so-called "Green Fuels", which are produced using renewable energies and produce significantly fewer harmful emissions in balance sheet terms than conventional fossil fuels. These include hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO), hydrogenated used oils (HUCO) and "Fischer-Tropsch synthesis" products. These fuels not only help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also offer other significant benefits: For example, higher energy efficiency, better environmental performance and greater independence from fossil fuels.

"The approval of our heating oil tanks for the so-called Green Fuels underlines our diverse development activities in the field of sustainable energy systems," emphasises Christin Roth-Jäger, managing partner of Roth Werke.