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Roth Floorfix System Package: Insulation properties confirmed by independent institutes

Do the impact sound insulation properties of Roth radiant heating and cooling systems change when the system pipes are embedded directly in the composite panels? And what about heat dissipation upwards and downwards? Roth Werke investigated these two questions for its proven "Floorfix Duo" system packages.

The manufacturer from Central Hesse therefore commissioned a corresponding acoustic study at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Stuttgart. Also in Stuttgart, at the WSP-Lab, the thermal properties of the same Roth Floorfix system combinations were tested. For the evaluation, various superstructures with the Floorfix system packages were measured with regard to impact sound properties by the experts of the Fraunhofer Institute. The result is clear: The impact sound insulation properties of the Roth Floorfix system panels are not adversely affected by embedding the pipes.

Heat transfer is also not impaired

The same test structures that were previously examined for their acoustic properties were then tested with regard to heat transfer downwards and upwards. The heat transfer was measured for the different test set-ups under different operating scenarios in order to be able to evaluate the influence of the continuous heating circuit supply lines embedded in the Floorfix system panels. The result here too: The use of Roth Floorfix system panels achieves targeted heat dissipation upwards and effective thermal insulation downwards. All recommendations of the trade association are complied with and no further measures are required.

About Roth Floorfix

The Floorfix packages are used for controlled heat emission in passageways, preventing unwanted heating and enabling room temperature control in these rooms. Heating circuit distributors are installed in these rooms - for example, the hallway - and many supply lines for heating circuits to other rooms pass through them. With the Floorfix system packages, Roth has expanded its range to include components that enable these supply lines to be embedded with controlled heat emission.