One brand, many strengths

Roth FlatConnect heat interface unit now also for low-temperature systems - drinking water hygiene and comfort in apartment buildings

Roth Werke GmbH is launching its new generation of FlatConnect heat interface units: thanks to an innovative further development of its thermal fluid control system, the new units are now also particularly suitable in combination with low-temperature systems on the primary side. The family-owned company from central Hesse is thus adding a solution for the efficient operation of a heat pump to its Roth FlatConnect product series.

The current range of Roth FlatConnect heat interface unit enables the distribution of domestic hot water and heat in individual flats in apartment buildings in new build and modernisation projects and includes several performance levels. The product series, which is already established on the market, is designed for conventional heating systems such as oil, gas or pellet heating systems and enables tap rates for domestic hot water of 15 and 20 litres per minute.

The product series has been newly developed for low-temperature systems with a domestic hot water tap rate of 14 litres per minute. With a tap temperature of 50 °C, this results in a necessary system flow temperature of 55 °C, which enables efficient operation of a heat pump. The heart of the new product series responsible for this is the innovative hydraulic control valve, which allows a heating medium excess temperature of only five Kelvin. This allows efficient low-temperature heating systems such as Roth heat pumps to be integrated in the different variants.   

Modular and flexible

The Roth FlatConnect basic models can be individually equipped according to the circumstances of individual flats. In the simplest expansion stage, the manufacturer offers FlatConnect as a fresh water station for pure drinking water preparation. Further expansion stages are available in the range of heat interface units, which additionally allow the integration of surface heating systems and high-temperature applications, for example for a bathroom radiator. The integration of a drinking water circulation system is possible as an option in every expansion stage.

Partner in the system network

Roth supports its partners in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning trade in all project phases, from consultation and planning to delivery and logistics. The manufacturer's FlatConnect heat interface units, radiant heating and cooling systems, pipe installation systems and Thermotank Quadroline storage systems provide a complete package from a single source. The system components in combination are a holistic functional solution with precisely coordinated interfaces. The energy-efficient control concept ensures uniform hot water temperatures and constant tapping rates. The fast-response switching of the operating modes "heating" and "hot water" ensures maximum comfort for the users. When installing the piping system in apartment buildings, the use of home stations reduces the amount of insulation and fire protection required as well as pipe quantities and routes; fewer installation shafts and breakthroughs are needed. The Roth FlatConnect programme is designed as a practical modular system and gives the sanitary, heating and air conditioning trade maximum flexibility in planning and prefabrication by the manufacturer.

All module variants are delivered prefabricated. Each individual component can be freely selected, thus providing maximum design freedom when planning apartment buildings with individually equipped flats. The specialist company also determines the degree of prefabrication by Roth. The mounting cabinets are available pre-assembled including heating circuit distributor with connection set and ball valve strip. Roth FlatConnect heat interface units are easy to install and are available in surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions. Roth uses tried-and-tested, high-quality components and materials for the heat interface units, which ensure low-maintenance operation.

Drinking water hygiene and energy efficiency

As a drinking water and heat distribution centre for individual flats, the Roth FlatConnect heat interface units with central heat generation meet all requirements for drinking water hygiene and comfort in the housing industry. Drinking water is heated energy-efficiently using the continuous flow principle with constant and high water flow. As there is no water storage and the pipe volume between the drinking water heater and the tap is usually less than three litres, these installations are classified as small systems according to DVGW worksheet W551. The annual inspection requirement for legionella is not applicable. The high-performance heat exchanger in the FlatConnect heat interface units is highly corrosion-resistant due to its sealed surfaces that come into contact with the water. The self-cleaning and limescale- and coating-repellent properties also ensure optimum water quality and system efficiency. Dwelling stations allow individually adjustable temperatures for drinking and heating water as well as the integration of metering devices for billing in accordance with heating cost regulation § 9.