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Roth celebrates work anniversaries and says goodbye to employees in retirement - a total of 1217 professional years in the family business

Roth Industries honoured work anniversaries for 40 and 25 years of service and said goodbye to the retirees of the current year. For the 20 work anniversaries from the companies of the family business, 545 years come together. The 19 employees who are retiring have a total of 672 years of service with the company.

"We are very grateful that after two years of absence due to the pandemic, we can once again celebrate the achievements of our employees in a Christmas and convivial atmosphere. Our celebration in the Manfred Roth Atrium is not only a tradition, it is also an expression of our family-like corporate culture characterised by team spirit," explained Michael Donges, Head of Human Resources at the Roth family business. For the honours, Roth invited employees from the Buchenau, Wolfgruben, Eckelshausen, Niedereisenhausen, Burgwald, Datteln and Bischofswerda locations to its headquarters in Dautphetal-Buchenau. 

Managing Partner Claus-Hinrich Roth congratulated and honoured the employees on behalf of the entrepreneurial family. He emphasised: "Every single person makes an important contribution to the success and development of the company in their respective area of responsibility. We are pleased about the long-standing loyalty of our employees. This also applies to those whom we are saying goodbye to this year in their well-deserved retirement."

Michael Donges also thanks the staff for their great commitment. "The low fluctuation and the long tenures at Roth speak for the good working atmosphere in the company. Some of the employees who are now retiring almost reached their 50th anniversary. Many of them have already done their apprenticeship at Roth", explained the Human Resources Manager. As part of the congratulations, he presented bonuses and gifts in kind.

Dautphetal's mayor Marco Schmidtke was also among the guests. He spoke words of greeting and also honoured the employees who had been with Roth for 40 years with certificates from the Hessian State Chancellery. The official part was followed by a joint dinner and there was time to talk about the past years, the present and the future.

Becker Plastics
Work anniversaries

40 years: Bernd Hördemann
Detlef Doellert, Petra Schick, Michael van der Lake, Ingolf Weise

Roth Composite Machinery
Work anniversaries

25 years: Stefanie Himmelmann, Yvonne Pfeiffer
Gerhard Kraus

Roth Hydraulics
Work anniversaries

25 years: Timo Demper
Karin Schäfer, Artur Steiner

Roth Plastic Technology
Work anniversaries

25 years: Mehmet Ciraci
Klaus-Dieter Ludwig

Roth Services
Work anniversaries

25 years: Lutz Blöcher, Friedhelm Müller
Jürgen Pitzer

Roth Werke
Work anniversaries

40 years: Matthias Hoffmann, Herbert Reder
25 years: Özkan Arikan, Peter Flemming, Stephan Kröller, Rolf Münch, Doris Neubert, Ali Özdek,
Hans-Martin Scheld, Frank Trusheim, Katja Ullrich, Karin Weigand
Ludwig Bastuck, Jürgen Ditzel, Lydia Freiling,
Roswitha Ranft, Hans-Werner Scheld, Jürgen Stehula,
Dieter Weber

Roth Environmental Technology
Work anniversaries
25 years: Jens Hampel
Thomas Lange, Matthias Mehnert, Gerald Reich