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Roth commitment to climate awarded again by "Focus" magazine

Roth-Werke in Dautphetal has once again been awarded the top mark "Excellent" for its climate commitment. In October 2022, the news magazine "Focus" presented a total of 216 German companies in its special edition "FOR OUR PLANET_Top Climate Commitment" that stand out for their commitment on the path to climate neutrality. In the group "Industry and Manufacturing", Roth-Werke received top scores in all four categories examined.

Last year, the magazine "Focus", together with the research company "FactField" from Munich and with scientific support, identified for the first time 130 German companies that contribute to the goal of climate neutrality with their commitment. The Buchenau-based Roth-Werke was already among them and received the coveted award. 

"Compared to last year, we were even able to improve our rating," said Christin Roth-Jäger, Managing Director of Roth Werke, "we are very pleased about this, because receiving top marks underlines our great commitment to climate and environmental protection." Overcoming the climate and energy crises serves as a guideline for Roth: "We have a high demand for environmentally friendly and resource-saving processes, materials and products. Our products meet the great demand for economical, sustainable building technology. This claim is not only anchored in our corporate principles, but is also lived out in our day-to-day operations and is a decisive criterion in all decisions. Therefore, the 'Top Climate Commitment' award is also an acknowledgement of the great commitment of Roth employees," emphasised Christin Roth-Jäger.  

Roth is already working in a climate-neutral manner at its various locations. The product range includes a wide variety of solutions for sustainable building technology. These include highly efficient complete systems consisting of heat pumps, heat storage units and energy-saving Radiant heating and cooling systems.

Scientifically accompanied study

The "Focus" study is based on a survey conducted in the spring of this year, which the company "FactField" developed together with the economist and sustainability professor Stefan Schaltegger from Leuphana University in Lüneburg. In the scientifically supported research, the data and facts - all that companies actually do in terms of sustainability - were collected. In the climate magazine "For our planet", published by "Focus" for the second time, the top companies identified are listed by sector and size category. According to this, the Roth family business was awarded the rating criterion "Excellent" in the sector "Industry and Manufacturing" in all four categories examined. The questions asked included the company's climate balance, the company's climate management, the use of renewable energies, the market launch of climate-friendly products and the reduction targets for the future. In addition to the extensive self-disclosure, information from public data sources was also included in the analysis. The selection for participation in the study is free of charge and does not involve any action on the part of the companies.

Further information on the listed companies and the data collection methodology can be found here: