One brand, many strengths

Roth Batipanel quickly turns WC into an eye-catcher - high-quality cladding system for WC pre-wall elements

If you want to modernise your bathroom, there's no getting around the WC. Roth Werke now offers a quick and high-quality solution for pre-wall installation: the Batipanel wall cladding system, which scores points for its ease of installation and four attractive decors.

For bathroom walls, Roth already offers the Vipanel wall cladding system, a solution that has been tried and tested many times and is very popular with tradesmen and builders alike. The Batipanel WC cistern panelling is new and offers the same advantages as the established Roth Vipanel: aluminium composite panels with modern decorative prints line surfaces without joints, a high-quality surface finish and UV coating make them resistant and predestine them for use in the bathroom. In addition, the tiles are easy to clean, water- and scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and durable.

Less effort, less waste

With the Batipanel solution specially designed for the quick cladding of WC pre-wall elements, Roth now makes bathroom renovation even easier: the panels already have the standard hole drillings for drain, inlet and fastening. In addition to a 1200 x 1500 millimetre Vipanel panel, the system package also includes two 1500 millimetre external corner profiles, one 1200 millimetre external corner profile and two corner caps. As the drill holes are already present and the Vipanel panel corresponds to the standard size, there is not only less work on the construction site, but above all less waste. Batipanel is available in the designs Concrete Grey, Concrete Black, Wood Oak and Uni White.