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Lions Club donates to 34 kindergartens

The Lions Club Biedenkopf has donated a total of 14,000 euros to the 34 day care centres in the seven municipalities in the hinterland. The heads of the day-care centres and representatives of the Biedenkopf Lions Club came to the Manfred Roth Atrium in Buchenau for the cheque presentation ceremony.  Each day-care centre can look forward to a donation of 400 euros - more than in previous years, many a day-care centre manager was pleased to hear.

There was even a surcharge for some daycare centres: "For those who sold a particularly large number of calendars, the Biedenkopf Lions Club added ten percent," explained the current president, Peter Wilke, and treasurer Bodo Schröckert. The total of 440 euros should therefore serve as a thank you and at the same time as motivation for the upcoming campaign.

The donation came from the sale of the Lions Club Advent calendar last year: the popular calendars were available for five euros each, with more than 100 prizes totalling several thousand euros hidden behind the 24 doors. Buchenau-based Roth Werke also took part and donated a designer rainwater tank for the home garden.

Bodo Schröckert, Head of Purchasing at Roth Industries and Treasurer of the Biedenkopf Lions Club, drew a positive conclusion: "Around 5,300 calendars were sold, 70 per cent of them in daycare centres and in local industry. The campaign continues to be a permanent fixture in Hinterland life." Lions Club President Peter Wilke emphasised the special commitment of the staff at the daycare centres: "They do such valuable work here and we are delighted that the donation will be put to good use."