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The smallest angle offers space

New Roth AuraCompact FR air-to-water heat pump for indoor installation is extremely quiet and compact.
Whether in the cellar, in an adjoining room or under the roof: With the new AuraCompact FR air/water heat pump from manufacturer Roth Werke, planning for new builds or renovations is even more flexible. Thanks to its compact design and whisper-quiet operation, the innovative heat pump fits into the smallest of niches. 

Thanks to its completely variable installation options inside the house, the Roth ThermoAura does not take up any valuable living space, but offers maximum planning freedom. The 116-kilogram, compactly designed heat pump enables heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation in a single system. This means that the Roth AuraCompact FR is reversible and no additional accessories are required.

Your innovative air duct system is available with either a wall or roof connection: another plus in terms of flexibility. Incidentally, the "F" in its name stands for "frequency-controlled" and the "R" for "reversible" (heating/cooling). Thanks to sophisticated sensor technology, the heat pump adapts to requirements at all times and thus ensures the right heating or cooling output. Heating water temperatures of up to +60°C are possible.Like all Roth heat pumps, the AuraCompact FR is also smart grid and photovoltaic compatible. The comfort temperature can be conveniently set via app: Just a few clicks are all it takes to control the heat pump from anywhere.