ZVSHK quality seal

Quality, safety and service

Orientation and security for the HVAC trade

Innovation instead of standstill
The requirements of our industry are constantly evolving. Likewise, new or improved services are constantly emerging with which manufacturers can support craft businesses.

For this reason, the ZVSHK quality mark is an agile quality mark. This means:
The fulfillment of the respective current quality criteria by the "certified manufacturers" is regularly checked by the central association in order to ensure actual service quality for the trade. The quality criteria themselves are put to the test annually and adapted to current developments where necessary. Working together for more quality!


Roth sets an example as a "Certified Manufacturer" of the ZVSHK

 ... for a strong partnership with HVAC specialist companies
With the "Certified Manufacturer - Quality, Safety, Service" award, the ZVSHK uses a transparent procedure to distinguish manufacturers who improve the operational processes of the HVAC specialist companies through

> high product quality,
> extensive service offerings and
> investments in research and development

the best possible support.

ZVSHK Quality Award - Quality, Safety and Service

As part of the leading global trade fair ISH in Frankfurt from March 11 to 15, 2019, the German Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (Zentralverband Sanitär-Heizung-Klima, ZVSHK) awarded ten companies in the industry with the new "Certified Manufacturer" quality mark. Among them was the Buchenau-based Roth Werke. The criteria for awarding the mark are quality, safety and service. President Michael Hilpert and Managing Director Helmut Bramann awarded the quality mark at the trade fair stand of the top representative body of organized SHK specialist companies. Managing Director Christin Roth-Jäger (left) accepted the award on behalf of Roth Werke. 


For the first time, the quality mark offers manufacturer-independent, neutral support for purchasing decisions on SHK products. The award is granted after comprehensive certification of the manufacturers. It certifies the high quality of the products, their compliance with all requirements for their use that are valid in Germany, comprehensive services and investments in research and development by the awarded manufacturers. Roth Managing Director Christin Roth-Jäger was delighted to receive the award: "The quality mark not only underpins the quality of our products, but also the associated services for the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning trade, to which we have been associated as partners for decades. They range from consulting and planning to on-site project support and marketing support to after-sales service."

Regular review of criteria
From the perspective of the trade organization, the quality mark demonstrates services provided by manufacturers that support operational processes in the SHK trade. Certification takes place in a public procedure and on the basis of transparent criteria. The fulfillment of the criteria by the certified company is to be evaluated regularly. The criteria themselves are reviewed, modified and expanded annually together with representatives of the manufacturers, the trade and the association organization. "In this way, we are not establishing a rigid evaluation system, but rather a quality seal within the industry that is automatically adapted to changing market conditions. In addition, with the public participation procedure, we are creating a new way of involving the guild companies we represent," affirmed Chief Executive Bramann.

Further information under: www.zvshk.de/qualitaetszeichen/


Roth supports ZVSHK "Time to start" campaign
In addition to its active participation in the ZVSHK quality mark, Roth supports the ZVSHK campaign "Time to start" as a sponsor. The ZVSHK launched the nationwide initiative to recruit young talent in the SHK trade.

The website as part of the marketing campaign contains a wealth of information and opportunities for young people, such as a SHK occupation finder, guidebook, practical support, help with applications and finding suitable training companies.

Information is available at www.zeitzustarten.de