Roth solar systems - using the sun with the latest technology

The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the Earth. The solar radiation on the globe of half an hour would be enough to meet the worldwide energy demand. Germany has 1.353 million square metres of technically suitable area available for the usage of solar energy.

Roth solar thermal systems take you a step closer to the future. They are ideal in combination with the proven Roth heat distribution systems and heat pump systems. Solar installations from Roth are complete and powerful systems. They can reduce the amount of energy which is needed to heat domestic water in a single home by two-thirds.

Very useful is also the service. An extensive field sales and support network provides local, rapid-response commercial and engineering assistance and advice to customers. A clevery thought logistic system provides reliable deliveries and spare parts supply. In addition Roth offers in-plant training courses, Hotline and planning services.

Combined with Roth surface heating systems, the stored solar energy can be ideally used for auxiliary heating. The low temperature application of surface heating enables more efficient use of the solar energy than with conventional radiators, which require higher flow temperatures.

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For further information about funding visit foerderdata. Foerderdata is the most extensive and newest subsidy database of Germany for all projects concerning construction, renovation and energy saving. 

The Federation of the German Heating Industry (BDH) has launched the nationwide campaign “Sonnige Heizung – immer im Plus” (“Solar heating – it always pays off”). The information platform contains all the information on the new funding programmes, as well as everything you need to know about solar heating.