Swimming pool in Tiefenbach

The Haselbach open-air swimming pool in the municipality of Tiefenbach uses eco-friendly solar energy to heat its pool water. During the partial renovation of the swimming pool, the municipality chose to install 336 Roth HelioPool swimming pool absorbers manufactured by Roth Werke in Buchenau.

When the absorber system was started up, mayor Georg Silbereisen explained: “Protecting the climate and the environment was a very important factor for the municipality during this renovation work.” For this reason in particular, the local council opted for the environmentally friendly solar system from the Hesse-based manufacturer. The Roth HelioPool swimming pool absorber is suitable for direct solar heating of swimming pool water using the constant flow principle.
Installation company Grübl Heizung Sanitär from Ruderting installed a total of 28 collector fields above the sunbathing area, each containing twelve collectors. A concrete/gravel substructure with a continuous layer of non-woven fabric ensures that the swimming pool absorbers are securely attached and prevents plants from growing through.

Michael Simmet from engineering firm Haydn Energie Team and Horst Dichtl from Roth Werke were in charge of planning the installation. The perfect combination of system components ensures optimum performance values for a pool surface area of 1,350 square metres, including a children’s pool, with the collectors angled at ten degrees. With a 746-square-metre collector surface are (2.22 square metres per absorber) installed according to the Tichelmann principle and a maximum total output of around 522 kilowatts, the solar installation ensures pool water temperatures consistently rise above the outside temperature throughout the bathing season, allowing swimmers to benefit from a pleasant water temperature.
“Any temperature drops overnight are quickly reversed by the solar yield in the morning,” said Roth advisor Horst Dichtl. He added that, compared with traditional forms of pool heating, the system saves around 37,000 litres of heating oil and prevents some 99 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. The swimming pool absorbers are thus an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to heat pool water.

The system is regulated by a Roth solar control unit and an energy-saving frequency- and speed-controlled swimming pool pump from Speck Pumpen in Neunkirchen am Sand. The task of installing the swimming pool pump, which has a maximum pump capacity of 85 cubic metres per hour, was overseen by Tiefenbach-based company Elektrotechnik Pauli.

As a plastics processing specialist, Roth developed the HelioPool swimming pool absorber from high-quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for environmentally friendly, energy-saving heating of swimming pool water. All installation applications can be implemented with just one absorber type, as the absorber includes eight variable outputs.

The Roth HelioPool's features include an optimum absorber size of 2.22 square metres and a high degree of efficiency. Flow passes through the entire area of the absorber, which is also frostproof, strong enough to walk on and suitable for swimming pool water to flow directly through it. The special absorber design with its ideal wall thickness ensures low pressure losses. Each absorber has four 25-millimetre connections and four 40-millimetre connections, which can be used variably according to the connection type so only one absorber version is necessary.
Roth offers a complete and ready-to-install system including a Roth attachment set for rooftop installation, connection sets and a Roth BW control system. The Roth HelioPool is tested to EN 12975 standard.

Summary: As the daily newspaper Passauer Neue Presse announced on 1 August 2015, the pleasant bathing temperatures led to a significant boost in visitor numbers. The operator is certain that partially renovating the pool and installing the absorber system for heating the water was the right decision. The municipality of Tiefenbach now has a state-of-the-art swimming pool.

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