Plus X Award

The new Roth Thermotank Quadroline has been awarded the Plus X Award in four different categories: High Quality, Design, Functionality and Ecology. The Jury also recognised the Quadroline as the "Plastic Heating Tank of the Year", awarding it the "Best Product of the Year" seal. In addition, the Roth Touchline in-room control unit and the Roth Laguna Maxi Wave semi-circular shower were also presented with a Plus X Award. The accolade is the world's biggest innovation prize for high-quality technology, sport and lifestyle products.

Roth Thermotank Quadroline

... the pressure-stable thermal energy storage tank

Roth EnergyLogic Touchline

... an energetic and hydraulic optimised regulation of the latest generation for the perfect comfort of the home

Roth Laguna Maxi Wave

... an enjoyable shower experience tailored to individual needs