Roth Original-Tacker 2.0 - lighter, more conveniant, more ergonomic

Roth Original Tacker® 2.0 in a new design
Roth, the inventor of the Original Tacker System that has proven its worth a million times over, has now developed the Tacker further. The new Roth Original Tacker® 2.0 can be used for assembling Roth System Pipes with Roth Original Tacker® Ex Clips on insulating panels during the installation of radiant heating and cooling systems.

Roth Original Tacker® – now even lighter
Despite its new modern design, the Tacker still weighs only two kilograms. It features a slimline housing and has an increased capacity of 135 pipe holders (Roth Original Tacker® Ex Clips). This significantly reduces the number of times the magazine has to be reloaded during pipe installation. The Roth engineers have also improved the way the clips are guided out of the magazine. In addition, a parking position has been developed on the magazine for the Tacker weight, which prevents loss of Tacker weight during operation under harsh site conditions. The magazine is filled quickly and simply by pushing the welded clip magazine in from above. The Roth Original Tacker® 2.0 is suitable for Roth Original Tacker® 14 to 20 millimetre Ex Clips. The Roth Original Tacker® is height adjustable and can be adjusted for any operator, be they short or tall. The new magazine is compatible with the existing Roth Original Tacker® and can be replaced.

Roth, the Tacker experts
The inventor of the Roth Original Tacker® System, which has proven its worth a million times over, has made the installation of the innovative Tacker system even more convenient with the Roth Original Tacker® 2.0. Roth has decades of manufacturing expertise in radiant heating and cooling systems.