Roth Eco-Energy Circle - with renewable energies from earth, sun, wind and water

Based on the motto “living full of energy”, the Roth Eco-Energy Circle connects its products systems from energy generation with energy storage and energy application up to a complete system for modern building technology. The Roth Eco-Energy Circle has not only the demand to protect the environment, but also to increase the energy efficiency through intelligent connection of the components.

For example the Roth energy logic connects energy-efficiently the heat pump as energy producer with the Roth floor heating and cooling as energy distribution system. An additional major energy saving in the complete system will be achieved.

Meaning of “Eco” in the Roth Eco Energy circle
Products of the Roth Eco-Energy circle live up to the ecological and economic requirements in view of creation, manufacturing and operation. The Roth Eco-Energy circle stands for “renewable energies and energy efficiency" and thus for protection of environment and resources, cost and supply guarantee.

Roth Eco-Seal
With this seal, we guarantee that we consistently follow strict ecological guidelines when manufacturing and operating our product systems.