ISH 2019 > Roth PTH wall console converts self-generated electricity into heat - use excess electricity for hot water


The new PTH wall-bracket from Buchenau-based Roth Werke converts surplus solar power into heat. This allows owners of solar systems to use self-generated electricity in a highly efficient manner to heat hot water.

The ready-to-connect Roth PTH wall console can be mounted directly onto a storage system. It is suitable for drinking water storage tanks with integrated solar heat exchanger and drinking water or buffer storage tanks. The integrated heating element uses the self-generated electricity to heat water. The system ensures energy-efficient, steady high temperature stratification. The external heating element can heat up to a maximum storage temperature of 85 C. The high temperatures ensure comprehensive protection against legionella and the highest levels of hygiene. Roth offers the heating insert up to a power class of 3.5 kilowatts. The PV IOT 7-stage version is available with 400 volts.

For systems with feed-in tariffs that expire
The easy-to-install Roth PTH wall console is particularly suitable for systems which have expiring feed-in tariffs. The basic equipment consists of a console rear wall, a hydraulic unit and insulating housing. An electrical connection box is available separately. This is prepared for a customer's own energy management
system and can be selected according to size requirements. The system can be controlled via an app.


  The easy-to-install Roth PTH wall console uses surplus solar power to efficiently produce hot water.


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