Federal Association of Heat Pumps (BWP) introduces online funding calculator


With the new online tool, users will gain easier access to public funding for their heat pumps. Specialist partners can also use the calculator.


BWP Managing Director Karl-Heinz Stawiarski explains why the association has developed the new tool: “Funding for heat pumps has never been as good as it is now. However, various programmes are on offer depending on the kind of heat pump, the building where it is installed, the purpose it serves and the person applying for funding. These programmes are offered by different institutions, meaning that the application procedures vary and the technical requirements are just as inconsistent. Even as an expert, it becomes very easy to lose track of it all.”

The BWP funding calculator works like a questionnaire
Using just a few answers about the planned or implemented project, it estimates the size of BAFA grant which could be available and suggests relevant Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) programmes. It also publishes the most important information about the eligibility criteria and application procedures, supplemented by suggestions for current KfW programmes where applicable. The user receives a short explanation if there is no funding available for them. The result can be saved as a PDF and then printed off.

Fostering a positive market dynamic
“Among other things, we hope that this tool will help us to take the pressure off the BAFA, which still has to deal with bogus or incomplete applications all too frequently,” explains Stawiarski. “This increases the workload for the authorities and leads to longer processing times.” The association hopes that the tool will also help to further kindle the current positive market dynamic.
The funding calculator covers the following programmes:
BAFA funding for heating with renewable energies
BAFA funding for refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
KfW 151/152 “Loan for energy-efficient refurbishment”
KfW 153 “Energy-efficient construction” (residential properties)
KfW 167 “Supplementary loan for energy-efficient refurbishment”
KfW 271 “Premium for renewable energies”
KfW 276/277 “Energy-efficient construction and refurbishment” (commercial non-residential properties)
KfW 430 “Grant for energy-efficient refurbishment”

You can find the funding calculator here: http://www.waermepumpe.de/foerderrechner/