Install floor heating systems faster with the new Roth Original Tacker Speedstar - practical, easy to use, convenient


As the inventor of the Original Tacker System, Roth is continually developing its Tacker technology – and now presents the new Roth Original Tacker Speedstar. The Speedstar can be used to fit Roth System Pipes with clips on insulating panels in floor heating and cooling systems. The new, ergonomically shaped handle of the Tacker and its spring-assisted mechanism transfer force more effectively, for a flowing and comfortable installation process.

The new shape of the Tacker housing enables the unit to glide seamlessly over the clips and the system pipe after stapling, boosting installation speed and efficiency. The user no longer needs to lift the lightweight two-kilogramme tool during installation of the heating pipes; the spring-assisted mechanism automatically repositions the device, while also significantly reducing the amount of force that the user needs to apply. Michael Georg, Head of Energy Distribution Product Technology at Roth, explains: “We have overhauled the entire tool design for easier maintenance and servicing, and to ensure that the unit remains robust in long-term use on construction sites. The new design incorporates specific feedback that we’ve received from customers who use this product daily”. The Roth Original Tacker Speedstar is height-adjustable and can be configured as necessary to the perfect dimensions for the user.

High-capacity magazine
With a capacity of 135 pipe holders, the Tacker can lay an entire pipe system with minimal interruptions to reload the magazine. Loading is quick and simple: The user simply pushes the welded clip magazine in from above. The fixed weight has a parking position on the magazine for greater safety in challenging construction site conditions. The Roth Speedstar is suitable for securing 16 to 20-millimetre Roth System Pipes with Roth Original Tacker Clips. The Roth Clip with lift-up pipe-raising function guarantees a defined penetration depth into the insulating layer regardless of the pipe dimensions. Optimum energy efficiency is also ensured because the screed always fully surrounds the pipe, resulting in improved transmission of the heating and cooling power.

Tried and tested time and again
The inventor of the Roth Original Tacker System – which has proven its worth a million times over – has made the market-leading Tacker installation technology even more convenient and efficient with the Roth Original Tacker Speedstar. Roth has decades of manufacturing expertise in floor heating and cooling systems and provides floor, wall and ceiling solutions for new builds and renovation projects that use both wet and dry construction methods.