Roth is optimising Touchline radio control for individual rooms - new design, function and easier installation


The Roth EnergyLogic Touchline – which offers radio control for individual rooms – is being released in an optimised design and with new functions this year. The Buchenau-based manufacturer Roth has made improvements to the tried-and-tested technology for precise control of floor heating and cooling systems.

As well newly discrete lines, the in-room control unit now offers an additional user button. This is fitted with a factory-built “party function”. Night mode can thus be delayed to suit the individual user so the room can remain at optimum temperature for longer as required. The user also has the option to change the button assignment for things like setting the desired operating modes for heating and cooling or displaying the floor temperature. For quicker connection, the Touchline connection modules have larger connection terminals that are reconfigured and easier to operate. Roth is also optimising the connection for the circulation pump and the LAN connection. A radio connection module defined as the “master” can now communicate with up to four “slave” radio connection modules. This means signal transmission for the changeover command to cooling mode or for control of the circulation pump, for example, can be managed within a group of five connection modules at the most. Another new function is automatic time adjustment via an Internet connection. Sven Möbus, one of Roth’s design engineers involved in product technology for floor heating and cooling systems, says: “Existing Touchline products can be combined with the new equipment as required. Software updates also open the door to more functions for new and existing products in future.”

Touchline in-room control units are available in black or white. The energy-efficient radio control system enables users to save up to 20% on heating costs as the temperature in each room is accurately recorded and the heating requirement determined accordingly. The Touchline connection module continuously evaluates this data in order to optimally control the heating circuits and actuators assigned to it. Each room is thus provided with the right amount of energy at the right time, preventing any from overheating and enabling the temperature to be controlled quickly and precisely.

The Roth Touchline App enables individual room control in multiple homes from anywhere in the world. The app for the Roth EnergyLogic control system is free of charge. It allows users to read and modify current temperature levels and easily adjust the operating mode of individual in-room control units or the whole Touchline system, for example. The control system is part of Roth’s EnergyLogic product range. Alongside wireless individual room control, this features the Basic Line wired individual room control for heating and cooling.



The new user button on the Roth Touchline in-room control unit means night mode can be delayed to suit the individual user so the room can remain at optimum temperature for longer as required.