The Roth Thermaset manifold offers automatic hydraulic adjustment - needs-based, dynamic and maintenance-free


The Thermaset manifold with automatic hydraulic adjustment is a new addition to the range of products offered by Roth Werke in Buchenau. It can be used when installing floor heating and cooling systems with forced circulation and corrects fluctuations in pressure in the pipe network. The maintenance-free Roth Thermaset supports fast, dynamic and energy-efficient adjustment of your heating circuit.

The plastic manifold is remarkably light and ideally suited to heating and cooling operations. The fibre-reinforced plastic is of high quality and durable and offers good insulation properties in terms of noise, condensation and heat loss.
The Roth Thermaset manifold can be adapted to various installation conditions thanks to the segmental design. The high degree of prefabrication, which includes leak testing, enables fast installation and ensures high levels of safety. The Roth Thermaset can be used for two to twelve heating circuits.

Roth Thermaset valve technology – once set, there is no need for further readjustment
Roth supplies specific planning data for the property concerned, and this includes the settings for the water volumes in the individual heating circuits. Once these settings have been applied during installation, there is no need for a specialist tradesman to undertake further readjustments, even given the changing, dynamic, conditions associated with hydraulics. This favours easy, quick and time-saving adjustment based on the differential pressure method. A special setting key prevents unwanted adjustments. The flow is automatically restricted to the preset water volumes based on requirements. The valve technology can adapt to the changing dynamic conditions in the hydraulic pipe network for the heating system. This means the water volume in the respective heating circuit for the floor heating and cooling system is always correct. It also ensures operation is based on requirements and a high degree of comfort for the user. Depending on the design of the overall system hydraulics, there is no requirement for additional hydraulic regulating devices such as differential pressure regulators or line control valves.

Eligible for KfW (Reconstruction Loan Corporation) subsidies
The new Roth Thermaset manifold provides fast hydraulic adjustment without the use of measuring devices. The robust and practical valve design protects against unwanted soiling. The maintenance-free system solution is eligible for KfW subsidies and suitable for new-builds and upgrades.


The new maintenance-free Roth Thermaset manifold with automatic hydraulic adjustment corrects pressure fluctuations in the pipe network.