50 years Roth Exklusiv complete shower unit - traditional product captures the spirit of the times


The Roth Exklusiv complete shower unit is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. “It is a traditional product that still captures the current spirit of the times because it is designed for universal use,” explains Michael Pohl, Sales Manager for Sanitary Systems at Roth Werke in Dautphetal-Buchenau.

The Roth Exklusiv complete shower unit is an excellent solution for holiday flats, sports and fitness rooms, allotment sheds or as a temporary shower installation. It makes it possible to shower in comfort when a permanent installation is not desirable or not possible. It is ideal when something is required at short notice because it can be ready for use in no time. The complete shower unit is stable and can be removed and reinstalled in a different location at any time.
Roth was the first company to pioneer the complete shower unit and has been manufacturing it since 1967. The high standards of quality are a result of these years of experience. Roth is one of Europe's leading suppliers of complete showers.

The range offers a large choice of specifications
The shower offers an optional hot water boiler, which means it only needs a cold water connection and an outlet.
The Exklusiv complete shower unit is available with a curtain and a choice of door types. The options include single swing doors, two-piece folding doors, three-piece sliding doors and four-piece corner access in various sizes. The modular construction and the combination options for the upper and lower sections mean that it is possible to create numerous models. The Roth complete shower unit is equipped with a mixer tap as well as a handheld shower head and a soap dish.
The Roth Exklusiv complete shower unit is available in a version which offers an entry height of just 180 millimetres for ease of access. The lowest version has a total height of 1915 millimetres.

The Roth range of complete showers comprises two product lines – the Classic line (Exklusiv) and the Basic line (Tempo). They are available with a variety of functions and equipment for individual solutions.