New mounting rails for the Roth HelioPool swimming pool absorber - installation on the roof and ground


The new Roth HelioPool mounting rails offer more mounting possibilities for the HelioPool swimming pool absorber from Buchenau-based Roth Werke. Installation of individually arranged collector fields on roofs and floors is now possible without having to do much on site.

The rectangular aluminium mounting rails come pre-drilled. They are available in 2.23 metre and 1.1 metre lengths. The swimming pool absorber is attached with self-tapping stainless steel screws. Slots in the collector allow the stainless steel washers with EPDM seals to be positioned precisely. The collector fields can be extended flexibly using a connector.

The collector made from quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is suitable for efficient and direct solar heating of swimming pool water using the constant flow principle. With an absorber size of 2.2 square metres, it stands out from the crowd with its low weight of 14 kilograms. All installation applications can be implemented with just one absorber type, as the absorber includes eight variable outputs.
The Roth HelioPool has a high level of efficiency, it boasts full-surface throughput, frost-resistance and sufficient strength to support the weight of a person. The special absorber design with its ideal wall thickness ensures low pressure losses. Each absorber has four 25-millimetre connections and four 40-millimetre connections, which can be used variably according to the connection type so only one absorber version is necessary. Roth offers an environmentally friendly and energy-saving solar system. The ready-to-install solution includes a Roth attachment set for rooftop installation, connection sets and a Roth BW control system. The Roth HelioPool is tested to EN 12975 standard.