Modernisation and energy savings with Roth Eco-Energy systems technology

Soft Modernisation
The use of modern and environmental friendly technology in buildings is nowadays state of the art. In old buildings nobody has to waive living comfort and energy saving potential is not just reserved to new buildings owners.
With the Roth EcoEnergy system technology a step to step switch to highly efficient products is simple. From the installation of heat pumps for the bivalent operation with heating systems and the retrofitting of solar systems up to the room-by-room insertion of floor heating and cooling systems the use of renewable energy systems offers 50 percent and more energy savings and also a bigger independence from fossil energies.

Information about the support in Germany can be obtained at Foerderdata is the most extensive and current database of subsidy funds in Germany for all projects in the fields of construction, renovation and energy saving.


Roth heat pump systems
The installation of a heat pump in combination with an existing heat generator activates an enormous energy saving potential. The heat pump is generally able to generate the heating and the hot water preparation without any extra hot water producer. Depending on the configuration of the heat distribution system and the composition and design of the heat pump it is possible that an existing heat generator is activated in the bivalent short-term operation on extreme cold days. In the main time the heating and the hot water production are achieved by the heat pump. You have the choice between the brine/water heat pumps Roth TerraCompact® Ex and the air/water heat pumps Roth AuraCompact® Ex or AuraModul Ex.

Roth solar systems
The solar systems with innovative and highly efficient Roth flat plate collectors Heliostar captures the sun for you. With the Roth solar heat pump energy system Solargeo® Ex, it is possible to realise more savings. Surplus sun energy will be supplied to the heat pump to improve its efficiency significantly.


Roth ClimaComfort® energy surfaces
Roth ClimaComfort® energy surface systems are most suitable for modernisation. They are characterised by their energy efficient low temperature operation. That’s why they are the ideal energy distribution systems for the heat pump as energy producer.

Based on many years of experience as the leading producer of floor heating and cooling systems Roth contrived the Roth energy logic as an integrated control system that ideally connects the Roth energy production with the Roth energy distribution. With Roth heat pumps, floor heating and cooling systems and the energy logic the user receives a harmonised and energy saving system. Up to 15 percent energy can be saved with the Roth energy logic.


Roth glass showers
Roth provides semi-circle-, pentagonal - and circle showers, corner entrance-, niches- and walk-in solutions and bath tub seperators. The showers out of single pain safety glas – optionally available with ETC coating - can be mounted on tiled floor or on showers and bath tubs.